Honor 60 is already around the corner: in China they are convinced of it

Yes, it is strange to talk about Honor 60 when Honor 50 – which we have reviewed – arrived in Italy only a few days ago, and precisely since last Friday. But to understand how the possibility of a new model on the launch pad is not to be discarded a priori, it is first of all necessary to consider that, in China, the Honor family 50 was actually launched in June.

And it is precisely from China that the indiscretions that speak of a possible successor already close, indeed very close. On Weibo the leaker WHY LAB has in fact posted an image that clearly refers to this possibility, showing a fake advertising sign with the words Honor 60 and the silhouette of a smartphone with lines very similar to Honor 50 (which you see in the opening image).

The starry sky that is the background to the scene, and which also invades the silhouette of the smartphone, it could be a suggestion for a particular color: on the other hand, also the Frost Crystal option with a diamond finish by Honor 50 was distinguished precisely by a “shimmering” aspect. If there it was a light shade, here it could be the turn of a dark one: but it is obviously only speculation.

Honor 50, however, is the presence of two lines at the height of the photographic module, whose shape remains identical, including the particular subdivision into two circular islands. In short, we could find ourselves in front of devices with few innovations in terms of aesthetics.

The leaker, however, did not limit himself to sharing the image above, but added some technical information: Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro , reportedly, should support the fast charging at 66 W , while Honor 60 IF should support that at 40 W . Finally, there is the most “destabilizing” information: the Honor family 60, in fact, it would be arriving very soon, already in December .

In support of this hypothesis we there are some still unspecified Honor models that have appeared in the database of the Chinese certification body 3C which present the support for fast charging at 66 W. The codes are GIA-AN 00, ELZ-AN 00, TNA-AN 00, ANY-AN 00 and LSA-AN 00. Among these, two could be Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro, while the other two are still shrouded in mystery. If truly the Honors 60 are destined to land in China before the end of the year, we should know more soon.


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