Hubble is heading towards recovery, but the space telescope is now at its limit

In late October the Hubble Space Telescope has entered Safe Mode again due to some synchronization problems between systems telescope internal communication channels. According to a new report by Wired , it appears that NASA is slowly bringing Hubble back into operation and that further tests will be held over the course of the week to see if the telescope systems can be fully reactivated.

According to reports, the DHW system was reactivated on 7 November ( Advanced Camera for Surveys ), but it is necessary to carry out other tests before understanding if it will be possible proceed with the gradual reactivation of the other systems present in the telescope. At the moment, in fact, the NASA engineering team is acting with extreme caution, as any voltage and thermal fluctuations could further damage the instrumentation now almost at the end of its cycle. vital .

Major hardware damage could compromise your use of Hubble forever, as At the moment there is no vehicle that can allow repairs as it did in the past thanks to the Space Shuttle. In any case it seems that Hubble does not have much time ahead of it now provision , considering that technical failures are becoming more and more frequent; his 31 years of activity begin to be felt.

Its spiritual heir, the James Webb Space Telescope, is approaching launch – its deployment will take almost 1 month – but will still not be able to replace Hubble in full, since it will focus on observations on different wavelengths.

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