Hyundai aims to launch its first eVTOL by 2028

The Urban Air Mobility sector it is becoming more and more dynamic. Several companies are presenting their eVTOLs , i.e. electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for future indoor flying taxi services Some cities. Some car manufacturers are also looking at this market. Among the most active there is certainly Hyundai which had already announced a series of projects in the past. Now, some news arrives from the Korean manufacturer.


To further its vision of future mobility, Hyundai has decided to form a new company called Supernal which must be seen as an evolution of its Urban Air Mobility division. This reality is already working on a development of an eVTOL with the aim of putting it into service by 2028 . The certification process with the US authorities should start in 2024.

Furthermore, it will take advantage of the manufacturing experience of the Korean Group when the air mobility market and the public consensus start to grow over the decade 2030. Supernal’s first eVTOL will also have autonomous functions , and can accommodate four to five passengers on urban routes.

The Hyundai company is also working on creating a ecosystem to support air mobility , collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, including public and private entities, universities and startups, to address market challenges, cultivate public consensus and ensure affordable and sustainable advanced air mobility environmentally.

To prepare for the launch of its flying taxi, the company is entering into partnerships locally and centrally across the United States. Supernal is also collaborating with stakeholders to explore new concepts of physical and digital infrastructure. At the beginning of 2021, for example, the company started a partnership with Urban-Air Port, an English company that is developing specific infrastructures for eVTOLs called vertiporti.

Finally, it should be noted that Supernal was initially launched as an urban air mobility division of Hyundai at CES 2020, where it presented its first aircraft, the S-A1. Division that, now, becomes a real company.

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