Iliad beats TIM, Vodafone and WindTre on customer satisfaction

Iliad , just over three years after its debut in Italy, is the mobile operator which coagulates greater consensus among Italian customers , at least according to the latest IPSOS survey carried out in August. The main competitors TIM, Vodafone and WindTre – representing over 77% of the market of SIM human – collect satisfactory results overall but their respective customers are less inclined to join

For example by answering the classic question “ how likely would you recommend your mobile phone provider to a friend or acquaintance “approximately on 60% of Iliad customers gave the maximum of the scale , i.e. 9 – 10 . TIM and Vodafone registered for the same vote about 34 / 35%, while WindTre stood just below 30%. In practice, considering the main operators and weighing the power relations, it appears that among the gassed customers one out of two is from Iliad .

If you then look at the percentage of detractors, it turns out that TIM, Vodafone and Wind Tre have some among the 18, 5% and 21, 5%. While Iliad again stood at 8.1%. Net of the quality of the services perceived, there must be some emotional involvement, conservatism or some infrastructural condition that does not allow to change operator.

The overall satisfaction tends to be good among Iliad customers and fair among others . On 59, 7% of Iliad customers assigned votes between 9 and on 10, while for TIM the percentage drops to 36, 3% and for Vodafone to 32, 6%; Wind Tre al 31, 6%. The lowest marks (0-6) were assigned by 6.9% of Iliad customers, while the competition range is between 17, 2% of TIM and 19, 6% of Wind Tre.

In summary Iliad tends to polarize the clientele : the dissatisfied are few, while the majority are almost exalted by the overall perceived quality. TIM and Vodafone, on the other hand, seem to have physiological percentages of satisfaction, with probably some customers who believe they cannot opt ​​for alternative choices. Finally WindTre has slightly lower results than the others but certainly not so worrying.

Looking at these data, it seems that Iliad has managed to attract those customers who have among their topics of the newspaper the topic of mobile telephony, perhaps due to critical issues in the territory, wrongs suffered or because they really find something interesting to debate. The Gallic-born operator forgive us for taking a pinch of salt at this cotton candy fair. They even put it on the Tropézienne cake and that’s good and right.

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