In Italy the highway communicates with the connected car

Today there are more and more cars than computers on 4 wheels and thanks to connectivity they will be able to communicate with each other and with the road infrastructure to offer drivers greater safety during their journeys. Technologies that will be fundamental above all for the development of autonomous driving . An advance of what we may have in the future was shown by the Volkswagen Group and the ASTM Group who presented the intelligent mobility project which provides for the direct dialogue between the vehicle and the road infrastructure .


The German group says that thanks to a Golf with technology Car2X integrated, tested intelligent mobility on the Arluno-Rho section of the A4 Turin-Milan motorway. A project based on the Emeras software platform developed by SINELEC, the technology company of the ASTM Group, which guarantees integration with ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) on the road and makes real-time bi-directional interconnection possible between vehicles and road infrastructures.

Technologies evolve from intelligent systems to “cooperative” systems where cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure provides better quality services ( for safety, comfort and congestion reduction), increasing the level of supervision of the vehicle’s surroundings and becoming a technological enabler for a future based on autonomous driving. Road operators and drivers will have the opportunity to exchange information in real time to optimize journeys, thus reducing accidents, congestion and polluting emissions. Emeras collects and aggregates information relating to the current scenario and, taking into account the risk factors, immediately activates the response plan by disseminating geo-localized messages.

The cars can communicate with the road infrastructure thanks to the presence of the Car2X technology which is already present on several new models of the Group Volkswagen. These vehicles, therefore, can communicate without the need to be equipped with other devices. Car2X communication covers a range of 800 meters in a few milliseconds and will improve as the number of vehicles it use.

According to PwC data, by 2025 on 100% of cars in the European Union will be connected and in 2030 are expected in Europe approximately 20 millions of self-driving cars, of which 2.8 million in Italy alone. Numbers perhaps a bit generous but it is clear that cars are destined to become more and more connected. To affect the development of smart mobility above all the road infrastructures that will have to evolve in order to interact with cars in real time.

For this reason, ASTM Group will invest in intelligent systems . In fact, it has announced a modernization plan for the A4 Turin-Milan motorway. Specifically, a first part of the interventions will be carried out by 2024 on the Milan-Novara pilot section in order to then be extended to the entire highway. By 2030 it is intended to introduce an extension of the vehicle-infrastructure communication systems, an increase in the monitoring system with sensors and intelligent gates with a “free flow” toll system. Furthermore, anti-fog systems will also arrive.

Then there is the desire to use recycled asphalt at the 70% for the deep layers and graphene asphalt for the surface. Finally, the aim is to introduce wrong-way detection and dangerous goods detection systems, hydrogen dispensers and a greater number of charging stations for electric cars.

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