Ingenuity, the new photos of Mars taken in flight are exceptional

Only this morning we saw the incredible video of the thirteenth flight of the Mars Helicopter Ingenuity, born from a collage of images captured by the Perseverance rover, which in that occasion was parked about 300 meters away. But if just a few hours ago flight number might have taken place 12, the images collected by the high resolution cam mounted on the Mars Helicopter have recently arrived on Earth, i.e. those taken in flight during the last reconnaissance that kicked off the return phase to the Wright Fields Brothers, addressed for the first time with rotors at 2. 700 rpm.

Thanks to the information shared by NASA we know that the trafficking led Ingenuity to fly to 128, 8 seconds thus covering approx. 423 meters.

Nuovo campione da Marte, Perseverance trova Olivina minerale al suo interno

Technology 17 Nov

L'antico delta fluviale svelerà se c'è stata vita su Marte. Persy e Ingenuity si muovono

Technology 06 Nov

The images you will see shortly have been taken from camera from 06 mp a 12 meters in height from the surface of Mars. In some of them (including the one in the header that we have cut out) the remains of the ancient river delta are clearly visible, the one that will be the next objective of exploration during the forthcoming second phase of scientific research.

The photos have been cropped and corrected in the fish-eye distortion, also the coloring is the natural one, that is the same that we could experience looking at the surface of Mars with our eyes . We leave you to the beautiful photo gallery!

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