Inspiration4 is the space mission of records | How to follow it and why

And finally the appointment with the space mission of records has arrived, Inspiration4 will leave tonight (unless postponed) between 02: and the 07: 02 and for those who have the opportunity to follow it it will be an appointment not to be missed. So let’s take stock of why it is so important, let’s try to understand what differentiates it from the other space tourism initiatives seen so far, and of course how to follow it live.

First of all, why was this name chosen? Jared Isaacman, the mission captain and advocate, explained it very well of the initiative.

“Inspiration” because it wants to be an inspiration for the world and for future travelers who one day want to undertake a similar experience, while for number 4 the explanation it is less reductive than you might think. It not only represents the number of people who make up the crew, but also serves as a reminder that it will be the fourth US mission with humans on board since the Space Shuttle withdrawal, which took place 10 Years ago. And finally to close the circle, Sian Proctor will be the fourth black woman to go into space. that’s why behind a mere number there is a much broader and deeper message.

Inspiration4, ecco i nomi dell'equipaggio

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Inspiration4, rivelata la cupola panoramica della navicella Dragon

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Inspiration4 will break several records and has long been referred to as the mission leading to a new form of space tourism , absolutely new and different from all those in we have witnessed to date.

The 4 crew members will all be civilians: not the first to go into space but as opposed to the short suborbital voyages we witnessed this spring they will be the first to spend multiple days aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft. So it will be an important test also for SpaceX, which for the first time will test its vehicle in a completely new way.

And we are immediately faced with two important records ready to be broken, since on the one hand it will be the first time that the Crew Dragon model “Resilience” spacecraft will remain in orbit for 3 days with a crew inside it. And then there will also be taken into account the orbital height that will be reached, in fact, the spacecraft will be placed at 575 km high, at a higher position than that occupied by the International Space Station (408 approximately km high) which had not been reached since the time when the Hubble Space Telescope was repaired on site: the last once it happened in 2009, the year of the last direct intervention.

None of the 4 crew members has ever had experience as an astronaut and will leave with very little training (less than 200 days), which is why it is defined as the first mission entirely made up of civilians. It will once again be inspiring, I want to reiterate it, because it will definitively demolish the concept that to be an astronaut you have to respect certain physical prerogatives. Wally Funk had already demonstrated it from the top of his followers 82 years, and the concept will be further underlined by the current crew, inside which there is not only the youngest woman to go into space but also the first with a prosthetic leg, sign and indelible memory of the cancer that struck her at a young age.

And as mentioned above, the beneficial nature of the initiative will substantially differentiate Inspiration4 from what we saw a few months ago with the Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin missions. On the one hand, we have witnessed a sort of showdown between billionaires, a race to see who manages to get to the result first, an attitude that despite the two great successes has not been exempt from criticism.

With Inspiration4 you can breathe a different air. We have witnessed the great media push that initially went through the social pages, even earning a cover in Times magazine and even a Netflix series. Jared Isaacman has already donated 100 million dollars at St. Jude Hospital and aims to raise as many with the auction organized with Yellowheart. The initiative will allow you to purchase a series of objects that we will most likely see during the 3 days of the mission, and there will really be everything! From hops to produce excellent beer, to personal effects of crew members, to the first NFT song that will be played in orbit.

Several video appointments are planned during the stay in space, almost a sort of orbital big brother designed to sensitize people to two macro topics. The first is that of the importance of childhood cancer research carried out by St. Jude Hospital, a structure towards which the funds raised will be directed, and the second is certainly the importance of this form of space tourism, potentially open to all and non-discriminatory. .

Missione Inspiration4: porterĂ  nello spazio la prima canzone NFT, e del luppolo!

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The mission will start from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, from the same launchpad 21 A in which in 1969 Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins set off for the moon. Although the sponsor actually has several years of experience as an aircraft pilot behind him, the entire flight sequence will be automated and no manual intervention will be required.

Ed everything is ready for tonight’s appointment, too bad for the launch window that is not easy for Europe if we consider that the departure could take place between 02: 02 and 07: 02 of the 16 September. But the evening will be long and the preparation phase will also be quite interesting, therefore the link to the live streaming will start at 21. 45 and will last many hours.

The whole event can be reviewed in the following days, obviously there will be further insights, videos and much other. We leave you at the link to follow the live broadcast at night, leaving you with the cry of good wishes “Go Inspiration4!” , in the hope that this could only be the first in a long series of events of this kind.


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