Inspiration4 one day in orbit, how is it going? | Video

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It has been just over 1 day since the launch of the first mission composed entirely of civilians aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon and many are curious to know how the 4 members of the crew. And so, after the “relaxing” confirms that Jeff Bezos, whose relationship with Elon Musk is not exactly friendly, has also joined the applause for the excellent start of the mission, thus the first updates from the social pages arrive.

We thus discover that in the first 24 hours the spacecraft completed the beauty of 15 orbits around the Earth , and that the dome installed on the Dragon instead of the docking mechanism used for the International Space Station was the center of attention.

And here are the first photos shared on the official Twitter profile of the mission, where we see the crew members becoming familiar with the spacecraft and approaching the use of the dome.

The day passed lightly and as we learn, before going to sleep re the Inspiration4 crew ate a couple of meals and performed 5.5 Earth orbits. But it was not just a day of relaxation, as the first scientific operations were completed, especially cognitive and adaptation tests to the condition of microgravity.

And apparently there has already been a first phone call with St. Jude Hospital , the structure specialized in child oncology that treated one of the 4 members, Hayley Arceneaux, the medical specialist of the mission and moreover employed in the same hospital structure.

A first phone call in the name of lightness, with the inpatient children, who took advantage of to ask the most absurd questions, the ones we all wanted to ask as children! For example “Are there cows on the moon? ” , and other similar curiosities. But it was only one of the appointments scheduled in this 3-day orbital and although no precise indications were provided, it is very likely that a live show open to all could sooner or later arrive.

This just in from @ inspiration4x Mission Control. We can confirm that St. Jude patients got to speak with the crew live this afternoon, asking the questions we all want to know like “are there cows on the moon?” Standby and follow us for more. 🐄🌙

– St. Jude (@StJude) September 16, 2021

Are you curious to know where you find the Crew Dragon spacecraft moment by moment and perhaps find that it is passing right over your head? You can do it from the official mission page (link in SOURCE ). For the moment the news ends, but we will not fail to update you with further developments on the mission.


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