Instagram, still new: transcription and vocal effects arrive in the Reels

Still news coming for Instagram, the social network of the Meta group which, after the “Take and Break” function, designed to give Those who have spent too much time on the platform announced that they have also added vocal transcription and vocal effects to the Reels.

robotics, used as narration for videos, have become ubiquitous on TikTok so much so that, in recent months, the voice actress Bev Standing has sued ByteDance accusing her of not having permission to use her voice. Last September, TikTok reached a licensing agreement with Standing.

Aside from that, text-to-speech is a widely used feature too. relating to accessibility by allowing blind and visually impaired people to hear the spoken word of written texts.

To use speech synthesis in the Reels you need to record or upload a video, add some text and click on the speech bubble on the lower part to access a contextual menu from which select “Speech synthesis” . At this point just choose the desired voice option and publish as usual.

If you want, it is also possible add voice effects to edit audio . After recording, you need to tap the musical note to open the audio mixer. From here select “effects” and choose the desired vocal effect from “helium”, “giant” and “robot”.

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