iOS 15.2 will allow you to leave your iCloud account as a “legacy” in case of death

iOS 15. 2 will allow you to leave your iCloud account in “inheritance” in case of death

11 November 2021 13

Apple has also decided to offer its users the possibility to appoint “heirs” to whom to leave one’s “digital identity” in case of death. Among the new functions present in the second iOS beta 15. 2, in fact , there is also “Digital Legacy”, Contact Heir in Italian , a function that allows you to give relatives or trusted people access to your iCloud account which they will only be able to access upon presentation of a specific access key and a death certificate.

Until now, Apple was one of the only companies not yet offering the option to log into iCloud or unlock the phone without knowing the passcode. Under iCloud’s previous terms of service, the deceased person’s data goes “ended” with her , even by presenting a death certificate.

This is what is now reported in the updated terms of service:

Through the digital inheritance function, you can choose to add one or more people among the contacts who will be able to access, and download, certain account data in the event of the User’s death. By presenting the death certificate to Apple and in possession of the required recovery key, the designated contacts will be able to automatically access certain account data, while the activation lock will be removed from all of the User’s devices. It is the User’s responsibility to keep their Digital Inheritance contacts updated.

In the terms of service it also states that:

except as provided by the Digital Inheritance, and unless otherwise permitted by law, the User accepts that your account is non-transferable and that any rights in your Apple ID or content in your Account terminate upon your death. Once the copy of the death certificate has been received, the Account can be closed and all the contents inside can be deleted.


It is possible to choose the heir contacts, via the “Password and Security” settings, on both iPhone and iPad or Mac. If you use “Family Sharing” you can choose one of the family members already shown in the list or any contact.

Once chosen, they will be notified via Messages. If they accept, a passkey will automatically be stored in the Apple ID settings. Of course, they can also refuse.

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