iPhone 13: battery characteristics revealed (and they don't disappoint)

On the day of the start of pre-orders for the new line of iPhone smartphones 13, other details emerge on the technical characteristics not expressly declared by Apple.

After the confirmations on the RAM allocation and the first findings of the benchmarks, information emerges on the battery sector . The Cupertino house declares that iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 mini can offer respectively up to 2.5 hours and up to 1.5 hours of autonomy more compared to the previous generation models, and that the same increases occur in the case of the Pro models (13 Pro Max up to 2.5 hours more, 13 Pro up to 1.5 hours more).

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Apple 17 Set

It is legitimate to ask what this declared increase in autonomy is attributable to: software optimizations, new SoC A 15 Bionic, increased batteries, or a combination of these factors? The piece that is now added to the picture concerns the data on watt hours ( Wh ) of the new batteries taken from a document published on the Chemtrec website (company that deals with the transport of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries).

In summary: yes, iPhone batteries 13 all have higher Wh values ​​than those of the iPhone batteries 12 . More in detail:

  • iPhone 13: 12, 41 Wh, + 15% respect to 10, 78 Wh of iPhone 12
  • iPhone 13 mini: 9, 34 Wh, +9% about 8, 57 Wh of iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 11, 97 Wh, + 11% respect to 10, 78 Wh of iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 16, 75 Wh, + 18% respect to 14, 13 Wh of iPhone 12 Pro Max

The declared increase in battery performance is therefore attributable to also to the batteries. Apple usually communicates declared autonomy values ​​that are quite aligned with the real data, therefore, made the sum of official data and information leaked on the net, it is to wait for a good step forward battery life side .

With iPhones 12 Apple had to make a different choice: to make room for the components necessary for the 5G module, it was forced to sacrifice battery capacity compared to the previous generation. refined, new components, and an increase in weight and thickness (it is not that marked but there is for all the standard and pro models compared to those of last year), now Apple can afford more capacious batteries and 5G.

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