iPhone 13 Pro also on AnTuTu: superiority compared to 12 Pro confirmed

Also AnTuTu confirms what emerged yesterday on iPhones 13 Pro compared to counterparties of the previous year, even if ne resizes the magnitude : on the platform a test of the model emerged with iPhone code name 14, 2, which is probably the 13 Pro, with 6 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage.

The device has totaled the beauty of almost 840.000 points, far more than almost 706. 000 of the iPhone 12 Pro del 2020, but looking in detail at the results of the GPU section we notice an increase of 19% – which in itself is not bad, but it is far from + 55% indicated by GeekBench. Also on the CPU side, things go almost identically: the increase is 17%, again compared to the previous generation.

For AnTuTu, the most important improvement is the one recorded by the memory , with a + 44%: it is true that the test was conducted on the variant with 1 TB of storage, unpublished , and larger solid-state drives tend to be faster. It’s also possible that RAM specs have improved, but since Apple doesn’t state them publicly, we just have to theorize – at least until the first teardown arrives. For reference, it is worth mentioning that iPhones 12 Pros use LPDDR4 RAM.

In the meantime, we point out that on GeekBench the alleged iPhone was spotted 13 ProMax (iPhone model code 12, 3): CPU test returns 1. 734 points in single-core and 4. 818 in multi. iPhone 12 Pro Max recorded 1. 606 / 4. 056.

Recall that it is iPhones 13 And 13 Mini and iPhones 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are available today for pre-orders ; on Amazon the links have been online for just a few hours. Actual deliveries will commence on 24 September.

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(update of 17 September 2021, hours 17: 42)

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