iPhone 14 and Apple's new VR headset won't save on Wi-Fi: 6E for everyone

During 2022 Apple may present its first VR viewer and well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo returns to talk about it in its latest note for investors, this time in relation to connectivity. According to the note shared by iMore , in fact, the new viewer should adopt the Wi-Fi 6E communication standard , the same as we should find also on upcoming iPhones 14 .

Kuo in fact points out that the transmission speed offered by Wi-Fi 6E is essential to improve the user experience of this kind of devices. During 2022 and of the 2023, adds Kuo, the diffusion of Wi-Fi 6E in Apple terminals and beyond will greatly expand, while starting from 2024 there will be room for a new evolution of technology that will exploit the Wi-Fi 7 currently under development.

According to Kuo, Apple should drive the spread of the Wi-Fi 6E standard with his next smartphones. Recall that the technology allows access to transmission bands that support very low latency and transfer speeds up to 3 times higher than those possible on Wi-Fi 5. In his report Kuo also mentions the Metaverse , even if the use he makes of the term seems more aimed at indicating a generic VR and AR space than an entrance Apple in this sector, despite being one of the hottest topics in recent weeks.

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