IPhones 13 can use two eSIMs at the same time

The brand new iPhones 13, presented by Apple last night (Pro variants included), are the first Melafonini to support the double eSIM : they continue to have a physical slot for the nano-SIM, but if you want it is possible have two active subscriptions and not even a physical card in the phone. The information comes from the official page of the technical specifications, both of the iPhone and 13 Mini of both iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max (see screenshot below). On previous iPhones, from Xs / Xr up to last year, it was possible to use only one eSIM, and the other physics (scenario still possible, of course).

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Apple 14 Set

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Apple 14 Set

Valgus not of course all the usual warnings and precautions – namely that the eSIM is not yet widespread among all operators and so on. For the avoidance of doubt, it will not be possible to use 3 numbers together and therefore either SIM + eSIM is used or 2 eSIMs are used. Apple has not clearly specified this aspect but considering the previous ones and the way the system is used, it is very very unlikely that it will be possible to use 3 sims, one physical + two eSIMs together.

Apple spent a lot of time talking about the design changes, the new colors, the even larger battery, the SoC Apple A 15 Bionic , attention to privacy and respect for the environment, but did not mention this connectivity detail. It seems an almost absolute novelty even if you look at the Android world.

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