Italians increasingly sporty thanks to technology and digital tools

There is no shortage of statistics that see Italians as one of the laziest people , however in the last period it seems that this trend is slowly changing, at least according to what emerges the latest Trend Radar produced by Samsung through the study “Italians, Sport and Technology” . What emerges from the report, prepared in collaboration with GWI, does not leave room for many interpretations and clearly tells us that Italians are training more and more , aided and supported by technology and by increasingly advanced and complete digital tools.

According to the Samsung press release, the use of digital tools for sport has even increased by 44% , especially if you look to home-made workouts; The frequency with which we train has also increased: before the pandemic most of us trained 1-2 times a week, while now almost a quarter of the population (23, 1% to be precise) plays sports up to 3-4 times, especially men.

The lockdown before, the restrictive measures after and the consequent reopening coincided with the summer just passed – there are now a few days left – have changed our habits , leading in fact to several changes that we hardly notice by now. In this regard it is estimated that on 46, 6% of people who train do it from home with a very high percentage among women (50%), only the 19, 5% continue to prefer gyms; men are more likely to exercise outdoors, whether it be a game of soccer, jog or other types of activities.

Sports activity is increasingly accompanied by the use of digital tools: the 44% of athletes confirm that they are using them during their training with an increasingly accentuated interest among women (46 , 8% against 41, 2% of men) and one percentage among “domestic” sportsmen that even rises to 80% (for reasons that do not it is difficult to imagine).

Among the devices most used during training sessions we find, in order of percentage, smartphones, smartwatches and wireless bands, tools that they usually come flanked by apps that increasingly look to the improvement and monitoring of psycho-physical well-being. In addition to the now inevitable functions of tracking activity, the pedometer and the use of music (without you can not train right?) Italians show an ever-increasing interest in software that monitors sleep, heart rate and other functions and parameters

The study proposed by Samsung finally closes on the methods that Italians use to follow the various types of sports, certainly one of the great loves of our people. It almost goes without saying that the most popular sport is football , followed by motors , tennis and swimming; to watch the various competitions – more or less important – Italians seem to prefer Smart TV (46, 6%) followed by the old and dear notebook and from the smartphone (things we actually already knew).

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