Jake Gyllenhaal could be the new “Road House tough”

Jake Gyllenhaal could be the new “Road House tough”

12 November 2021 1

Jake Gyllenhaal could be the protagonist of the much troubled remake of the end of the years action movie 80 The Duro of the Road House , original title simply Road House : Deadline reports it, citing multiple anonymous sources well informed on the facts. At the moment the actor, of whom there has been a lot of talk on the Net for a few hours because of his decision to leave the hugely popular pop singer Taylor Swift (in particular he is “accused” and threatened with death for … not having returned a scarf) , would be in advanced stages of negotiations. Director Doug Liman is also expected to join.

Both Gyllenhaal and Liman are currently engaged in other projects: the first is about to start shooting Guy Ritchie’s The Interpreter, the second is working on his film Everest. However, it seems that meetings have already been held with the writing team to discuss and revise the current version of the script. Both would be considering this high priority project. MGM has been looking for a way to revive Road House for several years already, but it has never been able to find the right square. Some time ago it was even thought of entrusting Ronda Rousey, MMA champion and professional wrestler, with the leading role, but the project was wrecked.

The Road House is direct by Rowdy Herrington and starred the late Patrick Swayze. It told the story of a notorious venue, the Double Deuce , which James hires Dalton, professional bouncer (precisely Swayze), to keep the hot spirits of customers at bay. Unfortunately, the initiative stamps the foot of the tycoon / criminal / villain on duty who unleashes a sort of urban war with Dalton, in the middle of which a princess (doctor, to be precise) ends up to be saved. It did not have the stratospheric success of other Swayze films like Dirty Dancing, Ghost or Point Break, but over the years it has earned a certain cult status.

It is unclear whether the new Road House project will be a direct remake, reboot or a reinterpretation of the original film. In other words, Gyllenhaal may not play the same character as Swayze, but an entirely new one set in the same universe. Gyllenhaal, it is worth mentioning, was the main antagonist of Spider-Man: No Way Home , the second chapter of the webweaving trilogy set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was also the protagonist of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the film adaptation of the famous platform video game series now controlled by Ubisoft (which by the way is working on the remake of The Sands of Time). A movie is due out next year with him and Jessica Chastain starring on Tom Clancy’s The Division for Netflix.

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