James Bond parody – MI6 thanks China

Exchange of courtesy between MI6 and the Beijing-controlled New China News Agency. On Thursday, January 6, Richard Moore, the head of the British intelligence agency, sarcastically praised the “free publicity” offered by the news agency, which recently published a James Bond parody poking fun at the rapprochement between London and Washington.

The video released by the Chinese agency, titled Dying Laughter Can Reach, is China’s response to recent statements by Richard Moore. Last November, amid growing tensions between China and the UK, Richard Moore publicly declared that “adapting to a world affected by China’s rise to power is the top priority.”

The MI6 chief accused Beijing of “collecting data from around the world” and “using its influence” to “catch people in its nets”.

In response, the official China New News Agency posted on Twitter (a blocked social network in China) its four-minute-and-thirty-five parody video in English on Tuesday, which shows two Chinese actors playing MI6 agents: a man in tuxedo called “James Pond” (“Pond” means “Pond” in English) and a colleague in a suit. In this laugh-filled video recorded and filmed in a castle, the duo mock Western criticism of the supposed Chinese threat.

“Thank you for your interest (and the unexpected free publicity),” responded Richard Moore. The MI6 boss also posted a link to his November speech where he accused Chinese agents of “exploiting the open nature” of British society “to facilitate their operations.”

In the New China video, the two bogus British agents discuss a file listing Chinese espionage techniques … before realizing that they are in fact those of their American ally. James Pond then denounces MI6’s pathetic criticism of Beijing, a tactic used, he said, “to get a big budget next year.”

On a call with the CIA, Agent “0.07” then learns that his phone has been tapped … by his American ally. “Being the enemy of America is dangerous. But being America’s friend is fatal, ”concludes Pond. The British government decided in 2020 to exclude Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei from the 5G network after US warnings of potential espionage from Beijing.

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