Jupiter hit by an asteroid, amateur astronomer captures the moment!

Although Jupiter is one of the most battered planets in the solar system since impact of asteroids and comets, succeeding in capturing a similar event is always a great satisfaction, especially if you succeed is an amateur astronomer. And that’s exactly what the Brazilian José Luis Pereira managed to do last 13 September while observing the gas giant closest to us. Jupiter has been the subject of numerous recent observations by the Juno probe, also recently reconstructed in a spectacular video sequence.

But let’s go back to ours amateur astronomer , who in an absolutely habitual way, like other similar occasions, began to install his equipment. And that’s how on Monday evening, despite unfavorable weather, Pereira decides to record a series of 25 video on Jupiter and without any time interval between one and the other. With great surprise that he noticed the particular and rare sighting, as stated in space.com .

“To my surprise, in the first video I noticed a different glow on the planet , but I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it might be something related to the parameters adopted, and I continued to watch normally. In order not to interrupt the filming in progress for fear that the weather conditions worsened, I did not check the first video “.

He then used a software for astronomers called DeTeCt, but without checking the results until the day following, when he became aware of the alert on the possible detection of a meteorite impact. And it is here that with great amazement he had the confirmation: he had managed to capture in real time an asteroid impact on the surface of Jupiter .

For those curious to know the hardware configuration which allowed Pereira to obtain such a clear image, it should be noted that the astronomer used a Newtonian telescope 275 mm f / 5.3, a QHY5III camera 462 C, a Televue Powermate 5x eyepiece (f / 26, 5) and a filter IRUV. And this is the amazing video result, enjoy!

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