Kia Concept EV9, a first taste of the future electric SUV

After a small preview a few days ago, the Kia Concept EV9 was officially unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is, as the name suggests, the concept of the future Kia EV9, an electric SUV that the Korean brand will launch in the next years. This concept car embodies the brand’s commitment to propose solutions for more sustainable mobility. Furthermore, always wanting to emphasize the concept of sustainability, the car makes extensive use of recycled materials .


Kia explains that to design this electric SUV, the technicians left from the new “Opposites United” design philosophy also used for the new electric Kia EV6. This design philosophy essentially requires the cars to have a distinctive and impactful look that reflects the manufacturer’s growing focus on electrification. The front is characterized by the presence of the evolution of the classic Tiger Nose grille, renamed “ Digital Tiger Face ” which includes a “sequential” dynamic lighting system.

The manufacturer also explains that thanks to the new design of the front it was possible to improve the aerodynamic efficiency to the advantage of reduction of consumption. The Kia Concept EV9 measures 4. 930 mm length x 2. 055 mm width x 1. 790 mm height, in a step of 3. 100 mm. A generously sized SUV that has a look that is somewhat reminiscent of both the Kia Soul EV and that of the “cousin” Hyundai Seven Concept just presented at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The car rests on the Hyundai Group’s E-GMP platform, expressly dedicated to electric cars. Thanks to the long wheelbase and the flat floor, the passenger compartment has plenty of space inside (3 rows of seats) . Just like its Hyundai Seven Concept cousin, the rear door opens against the wind. This solution allows to offer passengers a lot of space to enter the passenger compartment.

The interiors are minimal. In particular, the large display from ben stands out 27 inches which in addition to providing driving information is also the center of gravity of entertainment services. When the car is stationary, the interior can evolve offering a different experience to passengers. By choosing the “Pause Mode”, the interior space becomes more like a living room, offering the occupants the opportunity to interact directly with each other benefiting from the light entering from the large panoramic roof. In this mode, the seats reverse to allow first and third row occupants to face each other. The second row seats fold down and become a table.

Instead, with Enjoy Mode, the doors open, offering all occupants the opportunity to connect with the external environment, while comfortably seated inside the SUV.


The Korean manufacturer has provided little information on the technical specifications of the concept. Nothing has been said about the powertrain scheme. However, Kia expects the electric SUV to have a range of 300 miles , i.e. approximately 480 km. Thanks to the E-GMP platform that supports the 800 V architecture, it can be recharged at high power. In 20 – 30 minutes it will be possible to pass from 10% all ‘80% of the accumulator capacity from a column 350 kW.

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