LG: here are the first confirmations on the A2 and B2 OLED TVs coming in 2022


First information about LG OLED TVs coming up on 2022 appeared on the website of the National Radio Research Agency, the agency that is responsible for certifying the products that use the radio spectrum. The Korean giant has predictably chosen continuity with the identifiers introduced this year: we recall that between the 2020 and 2021 there was a transition from series with suffix “X” to those with suffix “1”.

There are currently four certified products today, 19 November 2021 : OLED 65 B2VNA , OLED 48 A2KNA , OLED 65 B2KNA and OLED 65 A2KNA . The abbreviations refer to the series A2 and B2 (from 48″ And 65 “), presumably the lower-end ones but only in relation to OLEDs. For example, we recall that the LG A1 OLEDs, which we reviewed in the cut from 55 “, differ from the others due to the equipment, which includes a panel with an update frequency of 50 / 60 Hz.

OLED 48 A2KNA confirms that also next year it will be possible to choose the size of the 48 “, while it remains to be seen how the panel will be introduced from 42 “which should enter the market in 2022 The same can be said for the opposite extreme: some indiscretions, very reliable, have spoken of an expansion also upwards with the arrival of OLEDs from 97 “.

At the moment no further information is available: therefore we do not know if there will be any news relevant. We obviously expect other models to be certified in the coming weeks, which we will promptly announce. The presentation of the OLED range 2022 is scheduled as every year in January, when the CES 2022 (January 5 – 8).

Waiting to follow LG’s press conference , we point out that the first series QNED

also appeared on the National Radio Research Agency website , the QNED 90 in denominations of 75 “( 75 QNED 90 UPA ) and 86 “( 86 QNED 90 UPA ). Recall that QNEDs are LCDs with Mini LEDs that combine Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies. For further information on these products, we refer you to this article.

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