Lighting boss “Rust” sues Baldwin and other film producers

Also injured in the incident, Serge Svetnoy underlined that a series of failures had resulted in the death of the director of photography Halyna Hutchins | Photo: EFE / EPA / CAROLINE BREHMAN

The head of the lighting team of “Rust”, Serge Svetnoy, on Wednesday filed the first complaint against actor and producer Alec Baldwin and other members of the production of the film following the death of the director of the photograph Halyna Hutchins during the recordings.

At a press conference in Los Angeles, Svetnoy, who was also injured by Baldwin’s shooting that killed Hutchins, said he saw “firsthand” that several guns were left “unattended on the ground” during the filming at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

Due to these conditions on set and the death of Hutchins, with whom Svetnoy was a friend, he filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court for negligence against the film’s producers, including Baldwin, and against the assistant. director and responsible professional. gun control.

In the court document, to which the EFE agency had access, the lighting specialist criticized the gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed for accepting a job above her experience on a recording that required “several auxiliary gunsmiths to handle weapons safely ”. .

According to the lawsuit, Gutierrez-Reed “negligently allowed” a .45 caliber Colt revolver with at least one live bullet to be turned over to deputy director David Halls, who also failed to properly inspect the weapon and l ‘then handed it to Baldwin.

In addition, Svetnoy claimed that Baldwin “also had a duty” to “double-check” that the gun was not loaded with live ammunition before pulling the trigger. “This duty also required him to handle the Colt revolver as if it were loaded and to avoid pointing it at anyone,” alleges the complainant.

During the press conference, Svetnoy said he was “convinced” that producers are the main culprits for “saving money by hiring insufficient numbers of workers to safely handle props and firearms. on the set of ‘Rust’ “.

“As the use of firearms and live ammunition in films is an inherently dangerous activity, the producers of ‘Rust’ had a duty to hire trained and experienced people to carefully supervise the use of handguns. fire and ammunition in the shoot, ”he added. .

As official investigations progressed, other details emerged, including that Halls, who handed the gun to Baldwin, was fired from another shooting in 2019 for a similar incident, but luckily no one was not injured.

Halls admitted in October that he did not check the gun he gave Baldwin before rehearsing the crash scene because he believed it contained dummy bullets.

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