MacBook Pro M1 Pro and Max: YouTube HDR videos may cause crashes

The new MacBook Pros from 14 ” and 16 “ are now available for a few weeks and this is allowing to uncover some youth issues affecting both M1 Pro and M1 SoC based machines Max. What we are talking about today concerns a bug that seems to occur when viewing HDR videos on YouTube, which – under certain conditions – can cause a complete system crash due to a kernel error on macOS 12. 0.1 Monterey .

The reports are numerous and concern various online forums – including that of MacRumors, the first to have highlighted the issue – and it seems that the bug is easily reproducible in two scenarios . The first is to view an HDR movie and scroll through the YouTube comment list, while the second occurs when exiting the full-screen viewing mode. The tests also confirmed that the problem does not affect a specific browser, since the system crash occurs with both Safari and Chrome, so it is directly attributable to macOS Monterey.

Some reports confirm that the switch to beta of the version 12. 1 has improved the situation, but it is not clear whether it is sufficient to completely solve the problem, which seems to be linked to the AV1 decoding . In any case, given the ease with which it is possible to reproduce the bug, it is likely that Apple will intervene soon with a corrective update .

Have you encountered the problem? Please let us know in the comments.


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