macOS Monterey, too many problems: the update would “kill” some Macs

macOS Monterey, too many problems: the update would “kill” some Macs

02 November 2021 27

L’ enthusiasm for the expected update of macOS quickly escalated into a nightmare for some Apple customers . La Mela started the distribution of macOS Monterey a few days before the end of October, after having announced it and started the beta phase last June, but months of testing and refinements do not seem to have served to avoid that the stable release arrives completely devoid of bugs , sometimes serious.

There are dozens and an increasing number of Apple customers who report on the official support channels, on Reddit and on Twitter the onset of serious problems during the update to macOS Monterey, where by “serious” we often mean, unfortunately, the inability to start the Mac . “Monterey killed my MacBook Pro” , writes a user on the Apple community, reporting how the update to the latest system has “killed” his Mac:

My MacBook Pro from 2018 – writes – was fine, as long as during the update the screen

it suddenly turned off and now it won’t turn on anymore. I checked and tried everything, I pressed the power button to seconds but nothing happens: my MacBook shows no sign of life.

But – and it can’t be a spoiler – this is not an isolated report .

@ Apple So, installing #macOSMonterey literally killed my 2020 16 in #MacBookPro. No boot. No nothing. Dead. 18 mo old … How long is it supposed to work these days? : (

Guys, update at your own risks …

– Freddy Mini (@freddymini) October 26, 2021

@ AppleSupport @Apple this is not the way a simple OS update should go on a Mac. On my 50 th restart with some sort of incremental install of #Monterey and a dead iMac. Can’t even restore from TM because I can’t even get to the migration app. Crazy

– Ken Lyons (@kenlyons) October 31, 2021

The patatrac “risk” seems to concern any Mac , even the most recent, but the incidence seems to be higher as the machine ages. nte impossible at present to understand how many Macs have accused problems in the transition to macOS Monterey and therefore to give detailed advice. Someone suggests a more “aggressive” restoration of the usually to get out of the impasse, but this is not the simplest procedure and there is no certainty that it will bring all the machines in difficulty back to life.

As usual, awaiting official indications from Apple or – better – a solution, it is better not to run the risk of getting bogged down : better, if you can, pause the update until all the pieces are in place.

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