Marvel movies: too many and too repetitive. Dune director torpedoes the MCU

It is now established that Marvel before and now Disney have based the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the criterion of seriality . Many films interspersed with a regular and increasingly rapid cadence (pandemic permitting), narrative strands that deepen the stories of the most iconic superheroes and others who are less so, to get to compose a kaleidoscope of stories that becomes the engine of a new ‘macro phase ‘of the MCU. You may like it or not, but from the first Iron Man of the 2008 that kicked off phase 1, and from Iron Man 2 which arrived only two years later, water has passed under the bridge, and the strategy is now clear.

It is an approach that continues to divide the public and experts between those who appreciate this wealth of content and those who criticize it. Denis Villeneuve , director , screenwriter and film producer, recently returned to the headlines for the film debut, this weekend, of his latest effort, Dune – remake of the eponymous science fiction novel by Frank Herbert from 1965. Villeneuve’s opinion – expressed in a recent interview with El Mundo – is clear:

There are too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others

It must be said that the Villeneuve’s latest shot does not express an isolated position among the insiders : before him other illustrious names have expressed disappointment at how Marvel has brought the characters of the his comics on the big screen. For example, Martin Scorsese’s dismissal was sensational, who two years ago, referring to Marvel films, said dryly: I’m not cinema .

It comes in all cases of personal opinion, and as often happens in the face of such extreme judgments, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. It can be said that in the vast offer of Marvel films there are good films and others that are a little less so. Just as it is fair to point out that the judgment on the serialization of MCU feature films is appreciated or despised to an extent directly proportional to the bond that the viewer has with Marvel comics – to those who have read the comics before seeing the films, this seriality will probably be familiar.

Personal judgments aside, Disney and Marvel seem to have very clear ideas about future projects: just think of the 15 new films expected from now to 2024, to which are added all the ” collateral ” projects that introduce pieces to the narrative arc of each phase (see the recent live action series and animated on Disney +). In the future, with the trick of the Multiverse, now cleared in the transition between phase 3 and 4 of the MCU, production will only increase, resources permitting.

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