MediaWorld, hacker attack in progress. Ransom set at $ 50 million

MediaMarkt was hit by a hard ransomware attack , putting the company’s computer system on its knees. Cybercriminals allegedly requested a ransom of 50 millions of dollars (in Bitcoin) to allow the Düsseldorf-based company to restore and return to take control of the terminals which, as reported by the Courier , would have been out of use for four days now.

Difficulty also for the Italian division MediaWorld , as well as for many other stores in different countries. The Dutch first reported the news RTLnieuws , according to which the known Hive group would be behind the attack , specialized in this type of action. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany the shops are open, but certain operations are not available at the moment, such as withdrawals and returns (even in some Italian points of sale the situation is the same).


The paradoxical thing is that the victims can get in touch with the hackers directly from their official website: the negotiation of the amount to be paid takes place via chat to restore the system, get back encrypted files and remove restrictions. And on the same site the stolen data – or part of it – is published as proof of the theft.

Your network has been hacked and all data has been encrypted. To regain access to all data, you need to purchase our software.

This is the message that appears on the screen of the computers compromised by the attack: we are talking about thousands of MediaMarkt PCs and servers throughout Europe. The ransomware attack against the German chain is by no means isolated, far from it. The 2021 seems to be the year of records, and even our country does not seem to be doing well at all: the cases are in sharp increase, as evidenced by the recent episodes involving the San Giovanni Hospital in Rome and the San Carlo.

to deal with the emergency situation: the company has recommended employees not to restart PCs, to disconnect network cables and disconnect cash registers from servers. And all this within days of the height of Black Friday.

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