Mercedes-Benz together with Mkers Gaming House for Italian esports

Mercedes-Benz together with Mkers Gaming House for Italian eSports

10 November 2021 0

Mercedes-Benz Italy inaugurated the Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz , a training facility and media center dedicated to the Pro Player eSport team born in the heart of Rome, between the Imperial Forums and Circus Maximus.

A partnership that will see the Stuttgart company working alongside the most important Italian Gaming House for the next few 18 months, with the shared goal of narrating the life of pro players inside and outside the Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz, trying to bring out the professionalism and human values ​​that govern growth of young talents during their training sessions.

The agreement also includes a series of activities that will further consolidate Mercedes-Benz’s positioning in the esports industry, including the presence at sector events, the management and organization of a circuit of cross game tournaments and the production of social material and video formats.

For those who are not yet fully acquainted with this world, we remind you that eSports catalyze every day the attention of about 1.5 million Italian fans , between those who compete in first person and those who limit themselves to following the events on Twitch or Youtube like any other sports competition fan.

The Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz is in fact to be considered in all respects as a real sports club that tries to find new talents and trains them to then participate in most important international tournaments. A structure that includes sport managers, coaches, mental coaches, nutritionists for train and enhance their athletes at the top of professional eSports.

With its current 43 Pro Players from 8 different countries , Mkers competes on 12 titles, including FIFA, Pro Evoluion Soccer and Rainbow Six and has already won the MotoGP world title, won the Global Series twice, reached the historic goal of Rainbow Six Siege’s Six Invitational and won the FIFA world championship just this year 2021 .

Thanks also to the partnership with Mercedes-Benz, one of the next objectives now becomes that of establish itself also in the racing world , which has seen the birth of a new Sim-Racing Room and the installation of the Formula 1 simulator “Teleios” obviously branded Mercedes , the same used also by Charles Leclerc for his virtual training and his participation in eSports competitions. At the moment the new team consists of three Pro Players and will soon see the arrival of a fourth driver.

Simulator costing approximately 40. 000 euro that surrounds the pilot with its three screens (in addition to a quarter of information and telemetry analysis at the top) and can boast the replica of a real Formula 1 session , electric pedal and steering wheel adjustment (a very complete Fanatec DD2 ) and also two cooling vents for the pilot. During the 3 test laps, the “Teleios” catapulted us not without difficulty onto the tree-lined straights, the curves and the mythical parabolic of the Monza circuit thanks also to the incredible realism of “Assetto Corse Competizione” . Apart from the total immersion of the driving experience and the excellent feedback from the steering wheel, what struck us most was the effort required to operate the brake pedal, on which it is possible to exert pressure up to 40 kg. When it comes to the classics 150 m don’t be afraid to “step on” hard if you don’t want to go straight into the gravel.

A simulation that by the same admission of the Coach who supported us in the briefing (exactly as if we had gone out on the track with a vera machina!) does not require the same physical commitment as a real track race, but which instead requires the same talent, attention, concentration and driving meticulousness in the world real. The lap times that can be reached are in fact comparable, as is the search for set-ups and tuning of the car.

We wish good luck to Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz for this new all-Italian challenge that we hope will be crowned with further successes in the growing panorama of international eSports. Who knows, maybe one day we will cheer you on at the Olympics too!

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