MG5 Electric, the electric station wagon: 400 km and attractive price | Video

MG5 Electric, the electric station wagon: 371 km and attractive price | Video

19 November 2021 5

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MG presented to the press the very first electric station wagon of the brand, called MG5 and part of the second generation of electric in the house. It is also the first C segment with the “long tail” to have an electron motor.


Who is it for? To large families who want to enter the world of electrification and who need lots of space available . Sure, there are SUVs. But the SW still maintain a good share of the market and attract the attention of large families.

There is a lot of space on board thanks to the 27 rooms glove box scattered around the cockpit, with a trunk starting from 479 liters capacity, with the rear seats (divisible 60 / 40) placed in their correct configuration, or 1. 400 liters if we decide to demolish them completely.


But how are you on the rear bench? MG did not allow us to get into the new SW, but promises that passengers will have the right space for head, shoulders and legs. The cockpit has a good build quality and every part of the dashboard is covered with soft touch materials . Only in the lower areas will we feel the crispest part of the interior with the fingertip.

The dashboard has one style already seen but this does not make you turn up your nose. The design is sober and minimal, almost like a “Skodiana philosophy” with the air vents half hidden in the dashboard. The unique aesthetic body is instead blue in color, and runs through the entire interior, starting from the doors and then joining under the infotainment touchscreen. Of note is a very raised central tunnel with the gear selector at its center and further down the USB sockets in the inevitable cavity that acts as a large storage compartment.


Here, speaking of infotainment. The system MG iSMART (with attached app included) is similar to the one briefly tested on Marvel R Electric and ZS with petrol engine; this has a fairly responsive touch with clear graphics but certainly not very high definition. The interaction is not immediate in the passage from one menu to another, while this is smoother within the same menu.

The infotainment system is enclosed in a floating screen, slightly inclined towards the driver, from 10, 25 “ and is equipped with an IPS screen. It should be noted the possibility of using both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Through the spokes of the steering wheel with the physical controls present you can see the 7 “instrument panel completely digital and you can sit on ergonomic seats (also heated) with 20 cm more of spongy material. In short, we will be sitting comfortably and warmly in winter.


A engine will take care of moving the MG5 station wagon electric from 156 CV of power and 260 Nm of torque. The traction will only be front with a 0 – 30 km / h burned in 3, 4 seconds and a self-limited speed of 180 kilometers to not see the range go down too quickly.

The engine goes hand in hand with a battery from 61, 1 kWh of energy and this allows to have, according to the House, an autonomy of 400 km (measured according to WLTP cycle). Nothing has been confirmed by MG for a second battery version from 30, 3 kWh and, therefore, with lower autonomy (320 km ) and consequent cheaper price list.

Present the fast charging system thanks to the three-phase on-board charger from 11 kW which allows for more recharging fast alternating current. The charging power from 87 kW allows the batteries to be recharged, up to 80%, in 40 minutes.


The MG5 displays a dynamic aesthetic but there is nothing particularly new. The most successful part is the face which shows Led headlights, with different chrome plating that they start directly from the lighthouse itself and are concentrated towards the center of the grille, where the recharge plug is positioned.

Under it there is a large grille-slot with strips vertical and, at the ends of the face, two fake air intakes. Strong is the hood , with its streaks that make it muscular. The same aesthetic trappings are also found on the rest of the bodywork, so as to emphasize the dynamic character of the car. diffuser, with generous rear light clusters. The MG5 gives a more elegant look the chrome plating around the windows and the silver band


Driving assistants ? There are! Thanks to the ADAS MG Pilot suite we have Level 2 driving aids with adaptive cruise control, lane maintainer, automatic emergency braking, switching between high and low beam, traffic jam and blind spot control. Camera only at 360 degrees is the prerogative of the more luxurious version, called Luxury.


Another couple of data: 500 kg towing capacity and 72 kilograms of weight that can be borne on the roof of the electric station wagon.


MG5 Electric will arrive in MG Brand Stores in the very first weeks of 2022, with a choice between two set-ups : Comfort and Luxury, which adds the camera to the car 360 degrees, circles of 17 “, electrically reclining rear view mirrors and automatic climate control. Prices start from 30. 000 EUR for the basic version and up 2/3. 000 euro for the Luxury one.


  • Motor: electric from 156 Cv
  • Couple: 260 Nm
  • Autonomy: 400 kilometers second cycle wltp
  • Trunk: 479 liters up to 1. 400 liters
  • Measures: 4. 521 mm x1. 818 mm x 1. 521 mm (ground clearance: 115 mm)
  • Towing capacity: 500 kg
  • Roof load capacity: 60 kg
  • Prices from 30. 000 EUR
  • Acceleration 0 – 30 km / h: 3.4 sec
  • Acceleration 0 – 100 km / h: 8.5 sec


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