Microsoft Teams: Improve the whiteboard, automatic transcription and more

Over the past year and a half tools like Microsoft Teams I’m underwent a great and sudden evolution forced by the pandemic emergency and by the new needs it dictated, with forced smart working that made video calls a central element of the working life of many people.

And even if today the offices are filling up again, Teams does not stop updating itself periodically by integrating changes and news . Among those presented by Microsoft for this month, the renewed blackboard stands out in a way to allow you to design and organize ideas with several people gathered in a space for visual collaboration and common work thanks to more than 40 new customizable templates and the possibility to insert images and forms and 8 new reactions. You can also open documents such as PowerPoint presentations on the whiteboard and write with 15 new colors of pen and highlighter to differentiate information clearly and sharply.

The transcription in real time , moreover, it is now also implemented for unplanned meetings provided that the organizer has activated the appropriate “Allow transcription” option. Workgroups have also been affected by some changes: Presenters can now be set up to manage them, and attendee configurations and activities can be selected before a meeting starts (at least in the Teams desktop app).

Finally, other minor improvements concern the addition of a new overlay mode for PowerPoint presentations, support for 1: 1 calling in web browser Safari, support for landline calls for multiple countries and services, improved viewing and editing of Visio files and more: find the complete list of all the news at the link in SOURCE.

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