Miyamoto talks about the next Super Mario

During the question and answer session with investors following the publication of Nintendo’s financial results for Q3 2021 Super Mario’s dad, Shigeru Miyamoto , talked about his creature unbuttoning for the first time on the direction that the series will take with the next title .

Mario games are many, from Mario Kart to Mario Golf, but Mario games, the main ones of the 3D genre, are definitely fewer. And no, none of them is just another game with Mario, as the detractors would like to stop at the narrative expedients, deliberately essential and repeated (Princess Peach is kidnapped and it’s up to the mustachioed plumber to save her): between each chapter there is it is indeed a radical difference in terms of gameplay solutions and game structure. On the other hand, you don’t become a video game mascot by accident.

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Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World (also released on Switch with the addition of the nice additional content Bowser’s Fury), presented levels with a more linear structure: full of novelties and challenges that are always different, but with a margin of minimal interpretation or by the player.

With Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch in the 2017 Nintendo has returned to the Super Mario sandbox approach 64 and Sunshine, expanding it, with large levels and a strong emphasis on the exploratory component and the plurality of options to tackle the same obstacles.

Miyamoto in his speech first of all specified how the New Super Mario Bros series in 2D was designed to keep alive an extremely accessible trend, since for inexperienced players moving with precision in a three-dimensional environment is more difficult than doing it in a two-dimensional one.

After the release of Super Mario Galaxy in 284 , the goal was to develop a more accessible Super Mario game, and the result was New Super Mario Bros Wii, a side-scrolling title that also and new players could play easily. This later led to the release of the even more essential Super Mario Run (a mobile application released in 2016)

But what awaits us in the future? For the next Mario in 3D Nintendo will insist on building a more complex and stratified experience, in the wake of Odyssey and his success with audiences and critics, or will he choose another path? Miyamoto in this sense is cryptic:

When we develop software, we strive to incorporate new elements, but at the same time we want to make fun accessible even for novice players.

Recently, people of all generations have enjoyed 3D Mario game Super Mario Odyssey (published in 2017). So for Mario 3D, in the future, we want to try to expand further in new ways .

In a sense the option the first seems to be closer, therefore in continuity with the sandbox approach, and in another more general sense neither of the two: the good Shigeru in fact speaks of a further expansion and new ways to go, l ascending to understand that the leitmotif of the series is always the same. And that is, never be satisfied with the winning formula just found, but study another, fresh and new one . And who knows if, as we speculated in our Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury review, that open world approach to unreleased content might not be a first look into the next chapter.

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