Netflix and streaming: Italians ready to accept advertising for free content

According to the survey “The 2021 Connected Tv Viewer “conducted by Ipsos and commissioned by Samsung Ads Europe, 6 Italians out of 10 would be well disposed towards introducing advertising on streaming platforms in exchange for free content . A fact that is not surprising, after all, if we consider the recent increase in the prices of the Netflix subscription, and the simple fact that after all it is a model we have always been used to, namely that of commercial television, which has also been re-proposed. from music streaming platforms.

The pivot of the study, however, are the Smart TV and the role they play in the lives of European citizens compared to traditional TVs: the survey reached a sample of 5. 000 users in Italy, the UK, Germany, France and Spain.

Another interesting fact that emerged from the report is a widespread better disposition of viewers towards advertising seen on television than those conveyed on other media , see smartphones, tablets and computers. And here too there is the imprint of a frame well-defined and still strong cultural: for many the television screen is the “home” of advertising, the first contact surface with promotional messages, since childhood. And therefore the advertising seen on TV is more familiar, it inspires more confidence. Specifically, 39% of respondents said they believe advertising on connected TVs is of better quality.


Also, like the algorithm . The 66% in fact expressed satisfaction and interest in the selection of programs that the various platforms provide on the basis of user profiling. The mental disposition in front of the television-object, therefore, even where there is total freedom of choice, remains in any case marked by the television of the past, capable only of reciting the programming of the various channels, without further margins of intervention: and therefore again it seems to us is a particular “trust” with respect to what the television screen presents and suggests.

As regards the scenarios of use, the 38% said they used connected TV to watch YouTube videos or Dailymotion (the 12% saw cooking tutorials and the 10% tutorials of various kinds), the 27% for music playback and the 19% for internet browsing. Only 9% believe that Smart TV is a valid tool for educational and training purposes.

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Finally, the study shows that Smart TV, just like TV, remains the domestic hearth , an important point of contact within family life: compared to all screens whose use is by nature predominantly solitary (again: smartphone, tablet and computer), the 72% of the sample reached by the survey claimed to use ser vices of streaming in the company of other people .

Alex Hole, Vice President of Samsung Ads Europe, commented the results of the study:

In a period of profound change for television, this survey shows the expansion of Smart TVs and streaming, the increasingly crucial role that are assuming and their different uses in everyday life by viewers.

Connected TV is becoming a means of satisfying a plurality of needs: from entertainment to shared experience, through learning and much more. Furthermore, the willingness of users to watch advertisements in exchange for free content together with the positive perception of the same represents an important opportunity for advertisers who want to reach the audiences of interest. on streaming platforms .

As we had already guessed, however, to enter a premium advertising channel such as television it is necessary that the quality of the ads is high. In fact, viewers expect high-profile advertising even when they enjoy free streaming content supported by the adv.

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