New iPad, batteries in mAh: iPad 9 “surprises”, iPad mini 6 slight variation

New iPads, batteries in mAh: iPad 9 “surprising”, iPad mini 6 slight variation

17 September 2021 11

During the event California Streaming , along with the highly anticipated iPhones 13 And 13 Pro, Apple has also presented the new iPads. In keeping with tradition, from the “virtual” stage of the Steve Jobs Theater not too much data was revealed technicians of the new products, but we only talked about percentage increases and, in the case of batteries, autonomy.

As usual, therefore, those who like to get to the heart of the matter have had to equip themselves, and if this morning, one step away from the “go” to pre-orders in Italy, we were able to ascertain – technical data in hand – the capacity increase of the iPhone 13, mini, Pro and Pro Max, now it’s up to 9th generation iPad and 6th generation iPad mini.

The document that gave us the opportunity to obtain the energy in watt hours contained in the batteries of the new iPhones also reveals the values ​​of many other products, iPad di 9th generation and 6th generation iPad mini included. But just look at the relevant section Specifications of the Apple portal to note how the capacity values ​​in watt hours for the two new iPads , unlike what happens with iPhones, they are easily available through official channels.

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And by doing so it turns out that the battery from 32, 4 watt hours included in 9th generation iPad and the same as the previous one , which in turn was the same as the seventh generation, and sixth, and fifth generation iPads. In short, in short the battery energy included in iPad 9 is unaffected by the 24 March 2017, when Apple introduced iPad fifth generation with a battery that passed from 24, 5 watt-hours of the previous year 32, 4 watt-hours that also give life to the recent ninth generation iPad.

There are therefore a few “laps” to do : provided that the rated voltage has remained the same (3, 82 volts, we will be sure with the first teardowns, but there is a good chance that it is unaltered), the mAh capacity of the 9th generation iPad battery is 7. 300 mAh.

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The situation of iPad mini of the sixth generation, whose energy declared by Apple amounts to 19 , 3 watt hours . In the previous iPad mini there is one from 19, 1 watt hour, so the change is almost imperceptible. Reasoning also in this case with the same nominal voltage (3, 82 volts), with i 19, 1 Wh of iPad mini 9 you get a capacity of 5. 000 net mAh , compared to 5. 124 mAh of the previous generation. However, despite the slight decrease, according to Apple the autonomy has remained the same.

We recall that Apple has declared as far as 10 hours of web browsing in Wi ‑ Fi or video playback that can be reached both in case of 6th generation iPad mini than 9th generation iPad, one hour less for both when used under a cellular data network.

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