Nintendo Switch, downward sales forecasts. Chips are missing

The brand changes, but the result does not change: on the one hand there is the demand for electronic products which remains high, on the other a crisis in the supply of components that does not allow it to be satisfied. Nintendo also needs to acknowledge a situation that will take months (if not years) to fully resolve. As anticipated by Nikkei’s report a few days ago, the Japanese house has revised the Nintendo Switch sales forecast downwards . The cause is due precisely to the crisis in the chip market and the persistent effects of the pandemic.

Nintendo confirmed in its latest financial report that it plans to ship 24 millions of units of the console laptop in the fiscal year ending on 31 March 2022. It is a quantity revised downwards compared to 25, 5 million units initially planned. The difficulties emerged more clearly in the last quarter (from July to September 2021): the units shipped were 3, 83 million , down from 6, 86 millions of units shipped in the same period last year – it should be noted that the total number of consul of the Switch family, comprising 3, 14 millions of Switches and 0, 69 million of the Lite variant.

Nintendo explains the decline in sales as follows:

the prolonged impact of both Covid – 19 and the global shortage of semiconductors creates a state of continuous uncertainty


At the same time, the 18, 9% also net revenues: 624, 2 billion yen (about 4.7 billion euros) in Q1 -Q2 2022 against 769, 5 billion yen Q1-Q2 2021. Nonetheless, Nintendo did not change the operating profit forecasts for the fiscal year downwards 2022 which, on the contrary, grew by 4% compared to the previous estimates made last May. This optimism of the Japanese house takes into account the favorable revision of exchange rates and a increase in sales of Nintendo Switch games : 200. million units within the fiscal year, + 10 million compared to last year.

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Despite having to deal with the contraction in hardware sales, Nintendo has good chance to cross an important milestone. The total number of Switch consoles sold so far is equal to 92, 87 million units and the target of 101, 31 million pieces is closer – it cannot be excluded that it can be reached during the holiday season, also thanks to the refresh with OLED screen, and stocks permitting. It is not a random number: 101, 63 There are millions of Wii units sold by Nintendo, and the Wii was the best-selling console of the Japanese brand. Now the Kyoto house is getting closer and closer to breaking the record.

To give life to the Nintendo ecosystem and to push the sales of the consoles there is of course the software made up of exclusives that continue to satisfy the hard core of users loyal to the big N. The best-selling titles of the current fiscal year were:

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, 3.6 million units
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 3, 34 million units
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizon, 2, 22 million units
  • New Pokémon Snap: 2, 19 million units (data referring to sales as of outside of Japan, in Japan it is sold by The Pokémon Company)

We must then take into account that big bits like Metroid Dread (here ours review) and Mario Party Superstars, recently available, have not yet left traces in Nintendo’s latest fiscal report, but are likely to do so in the next one.

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