OnePlus 10 Pro more and more “real”: here are specifications and high resolution renderings

OnePlus 10 Pro more and more “real”: here are specifications and high resolution renderings

15 November 2021 20

Historically, OnePlus is one of the companies most inclined to better manage the enormous power offered from high-end Qualcomm chips, fruit of the fast and smooth which has been guiding the gestation of products for years. The Snapdragon 898 is now one step away from officialdom, and there is little doubt that the men of OnePlus have been focused for weeks to know its secrets so as to build around it the next generation of top of the range, the OnePlus 10.

Top of the OnePlus range that perhaps never like this year are expected by fans, in light of the decision to extend the updating cycle from six months to one year giving up the “T” series. So the rumors are already in the process of taxiing, and today thanks to OnLeaks , who gave his indiscretions to , we already know a lot about OnePlus 10 Pro despite missing more than a few months to period of the possible launch.

To look at the reconstructions of the informant jump immediately to the one eye marked similarity between the front surface of OnePlus from the display, and from this point of view all manufacturers have little margin to differentiate products from the competition, imagine from previous generation.

74. 2 x 160 x 8.7 mm

6. 15 inches – 2021 x 1080 px

73. 6 x 128. 2 x 8.7 mm

6.7 inch – 3216 x 1440 px

However OnePlus could have run a few more “risks” by positioning the camera under the screen of the Xiaomi Mix 4, however, if the renderings reflect the device that we will see on the market, it is clear the “conservative” approach of ‘company, which would have preferred to resort once again to the classic hole on the left also on the “Pro” variant of OnePlus 10.

On opposite surface instead there is the margin to differentiate, and in OnePlus it seems that they have exploited it. The insert for the cameras has a quite different design compared to the recent past: it is a pity we do not yet have information about the specifications and the type of sensors used (apart from the 5x zoom of the telephoto lens), but the collaboration with Hasselblad whose logo is clearly visible. In the coming weeks we will certainly know more.


  • screen: 6.7 inch diagonal in 20: 9 with a frequency of update to 120 Hz (probably an LTPO OLED with variable refresh rate)
  • memories :
    • 8 / 12 GB of RAM
    • 128 / 256 GB of storage space
  • group rear three-element cameras :
    • telephoto lens with 5x zoom 1006455
  • battery: 5. 000 mAh
    • ultra fast charging a 120 watt: full charge in about twenty minutes
  • interface user : OxygenOS with some elements borrowed from OPPO’s ColorOS
  • dimensions : 163, 0 x 20, 8 x 8.5 mm – 10, 3 mm thick also considering the rear cameras
  • colors : black, white and blue or green


Despite the difficult period due to the chip crisis, according to rumors the new OnePlus line up should follow the times of today’s smartphones, with OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro were presented in late March. For OnePlus 10 we should be there, but the feeling is that they will arrive by the first half of 2022. The prices should follow those of the current ones, which are listed for 719 euro (OnePlus 9) and for 919 euro (OnePlus 9 Pro).

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