OnePlus 10 Pro, the dummy anticipates its shapes

Rumors suggesting an early launch than the usual next top of the OnePlus range. The current ones date back to March 2021, but judging by the extent of the recently arrived rumors, it seems that OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Pros can file a few weeks or perhaps a month from the life cycle of their predecessors.

In fact, already now, in November 2021, by OnePlus 10 Pro we know practically everything , at least on an aesthetic level. If a few days ago OnLeaks published high resolution renderings of the next top of the range Chinese, images that leave little room for imagination, now the collaboration between the informant xleaks7 and a bracelet maker (yup, bracelets) unearths a dummy by OnePlus 10 Pro.

There are few considerations to be made on reliability: it is true that xleaks7 is not often heard of, but has a “curriculum” of various advances revealed then corrected , such as those on iPhon and and 13 mini. And anyway, the images distributed on OnePlus Pro show a device aesthetically consistent with that seen in the anticipation of OnLeaks, which is no guarantee that the Chinese top will have exactly this aspect – it should always be repeated, they are rumors – but the accumulation of almost overlapping indications should indicate a certain proximity to its final appearance .

For the rumors then OnePlus 10 Pro will have the usual configuration in terms of physical keys , with the on and off button on the right together with the mode selector and the volume rocker on the opposite side. Below, speaker, SIM tray and USB-C port in the center. On the rear surface there are four circles, which correspond to what is reported by OnLeaks: three cameras plus LED flashes. The fact remains that the camera group resembles the one adopted by Samsung on the Galaxy S range 21, with an almost identical step.

Also on this occasion is reported the presence of a hole in the upper left corner of the screen for the selfie camera , although, understandably, the element is not visible in the aluminum dummy. This kind of prototypes is usually made by accessory manufacturers, especially cover , to start making them based on a reproduction of the device for which they are intended, in order to have them ready in time for launch. Sometimes the CAD measurements they are based on are reliable, sometimes they are not, but it is a risk that companies have to take in order not to be cut out of the market.

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