Opel Rocks E-xtreme: the extreme version for off-road

The Opel Rocks-e is the twin of the electric micro-car born from the rib of the Citroën Ami, which arrived in Italy at the beginning 2021. A small light quadricycle that can be driven from years with a driving license AM is ideal for getting around the city jungle. In addition to conquering the streets of the metropolis, the design student Lukas Wenzhöfer has well thought that the small Rocks-e could also conquer the purest off-road if it served some specifications changes. Here then was born the concept Opel Rocks E-xtreme .

The concept “created maintains the original bodywork but sees the addition of specific springs and suspensions to conquer any rough terrain. The tires are technical and knobby while the mudguards have had a nice injection of testosterone, making them now much wider, even if they are not able to cover the off-road wheels at their best.

A tubular reinforcement structure with an evergreen aileron of generous dimensions and lights in the upper part, in addition to the normal optical group.

La Opel Rocks E-xtreme has been raised from the ground, with much more space between the rear and the road surface than that present at the front, thus being very pointed towards the asphalt. In the queue there is also the addition of new LED headlights and taillights which are well match the current Opel design language. Both on the front and on the b-side of the electric vehicle you can see the aluminum-colored reinforcing plates, finally all that remains is to point out the new livery that combines the colors black, yellow and cyan.

If the normal Rock-e by Opel is equipped with a small 8 HP electric motor and a 5.5 kWh battery pack, we can only imagine a much more powerplant powerful for the E-xtreme , with a large battery to cope with steep climbs and ups and downs dizzying. Weight? Not more than 500 kg.

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