Opensignal rewards the Italian networks: Vodafone is once again full

In recent years, telephony operators in Italy have contended for dominance in the Opensignal rankings relating to the mobile experience. TIM was the operator who dominated in the 2019 , winning all the prizes except for the one relating to the availability of 4G, which went to Vodafone.

In the next report Vodafone and Wind gained ground and the arrival of WindTre, at the beginning of 2020, has definitely changed the cards on the table. The “new” operator, born from the merger of Wind and 3Italia, immediately went into direct competition with Vodafone for dominance, leaving TIM at the top of the standings in just one category. The competition, mostly bilateral, between Vodafone and WindTre continued throughout the 2020, but in 2021 Vodafone has achieved higher scores in different categories while WindTre had to settle for more modest improvements.

In this new Opensignal report, Vodafone has a clearly dominant position in the panorama of the mobile experience in Italy, winning five of the seven awards and sharing a sixth. Vodafone has increased its lead in the Video Experience, Games Experience, Voice App Experience and 4G Availability categories, and now it has also won the Download Speed ​​Experience. The 4G Coverage Experience category shares it with both TIM and WindTre. The Upload Speed ​​Experience remains the only prize that Vodafone has never won.


Vodafone users are the ones who got the best experience regarding download speed with 32, 1 Mbps, up 5.2 Mbps from the previous ratio. In second place is WindTre, with 30, 8 Mbps, then Iliad and TIM. Curiosity, this is the first time that WindTre has failed to win the Download Speed ​​Experience award.

TIM, Vodafone and WindTre equally win the category 4G Coverage Experience reaching a score of 9.7 on a scale of points. No operator in Italy has ever managed to win alone in this category. In the previous report, TIM and Vodafone shared the prize with a score of 9.6 points, followed by WindTre with 9.5 points.

Looking at the overall speeds in 5G, TIM users are those who have achieved higher average speeds with 81, 1 Mbps, followed by Vodafone, Iliad and WindTre with scores of respectively 70, 3 Mbps, 60, 1 Mbps and 55, 8 Mbps. These overall download speeds of 5G users represent the average speed of all generations of mobile technology and the amount of time 5G users spend connected to each type of network. The 5G users analyzed by OpenSignal have both a 5G smartphone and a 5G tariff plan.

WindTre wins first place for the fourth consecutive time in the Upload Speed ​​Experience category . In second place there is Vodafone which has nevertheless obtained significant improvements over the last year with an increase in the average download speed which went from 7.1 Mbps last November to 9 Mbps in the previous report and 10, 2 Mbps of this report. In comparison, WindTre’s score increased from 9.9 Mbps to 10, 5 Mbps and is now at 10, 6 Mbps. If these trends continue, Vodafone has a good chance of winning this category in the next report.

Once again, Vodafone wins first place in all three categories concerning videos, games multiplayer and communication with voice apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger). Despite all four operators seeing their scores drop slightly, Vodafone has increased its lead as there hasn’t been a slight change from previous reports. In practice, Vodafone’s victory was also decreed by the worsening of the other operators.

Compared to the previous report, in which for the first time all four operators had exceeded 90% from availability of 4G coverage , with Iliad being the last operator to join the others, in this report the scores of Iliad, TIM and WindTre did not reach 90% arriving, respectively, at ’81, 9%, 87% And 86, 4%, down from 4.5 to 8.3 percentage points. Vodafone won this category with the 87, 6%, with a modest drop of 0.4 percentage points.


In the analysis relating to the six Italian macro regions, Vodafone wins in most of the categories. Of the 36 prizes to be won in total, to be won 27 prizes outright and five shared. WindTre wins four outright awards and three shared with Vodafone. TIM gets only two victories shared with Vodafone. In the previous report, the competition was much greater with Vodafone and WindTre who had won, respectively, 16 awards and 13 awards


All Italian mobile operators are continuing to expand the coverage of their 5G networks. According to the latest official data, WindTre today covers over 87% of the population with 5G using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology which allows them to operate simultaneously with 4G and 5G simultaneously, covering the 32, 6% of the population with its 3.7 GHz spectrum band.

Vodafone recently announced that it will have 5G services in 50 – 50 city by the end of 2021, compared to 25 city of October. Finally, TIM announced in recent months that it will expand its 5G offer to others 20 city by the end of the year, while Iliad 5G is now available in the areas of 27 city.

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