Oppo Watch 2, there is another model coming: here's what will change

Oppo Watch 2 we already saw it almost two months ago, at the end of July, when it was launched on the Chinese market. And already at the time it was not a big surprise, in terms of design, reconfirming the lines already seen on previous models. I n launch pad apparently there is yet another version of the product, as it suggests the well-known leaker Evan Blass who also provides some images that anticipate the aesthetics.

Should be Oppo Watch 2 ECG , a watch that if Blass’s indications were to prove reliable, would differ from the original only in the presence of an additional sensor – and therefore of a function -. Considering the name, it’s not hard to figure out what it should be: that’s right, the electrocardiogram. On the other hand, even the first Oppo Watch, launched in March of 2020 in China, was was then followed by a variant with ECG marketed only at a later time, at the end of last September.

Oppo Watch 2 ufficiale: campione di autonomia | Prezzi Cina e unboxing

Android 28 Jul

For the rest, therefore, we should find ourselves in front of an Oppo Watch 2 in all respects. And if the similarities with the Apple Watch (whose slightly renewed design of the 7 Series we have recently discovered) were already quite marked in the design, despite the curved edges of the display being a unique feature of the Oppo solution, it is impossible not to record how there is. a strong affinity also in terms of graphic interface with the ECG function offered by the Cupertino watch.

We still do not know if and when Oppo Watch 2 will arrive on the market, and the same is true for this ECG model: in any case, both devices should land with Google’s WearOS, like the predecessor, and not with the proprietary operating system on which the Chinese version is based, which is why the interface of the various functions could be modified (or not).

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