Oreo, the launch of the new cookie tastes like … Apple


If you say Oreo , what comes to mind? There are two different answers, which correspond to as many types of “consumers”: there are those who immediately think of Android Oreo which debuted more than four years ago, in 2017, there are those who turn their thoughts to the very sweet cookie , first created in the United States way back 1912. Let’s say that in both cases the answer is correct, since it is always he who gave the name to the eighth version of the Google operating system. And now, tired of the green robot, Oreo decides to change course , looking over Mountain View, to … Cupertino .

No, no collaboration in sight, no iOreoS available for download, but only a publicity stunt that, as the company hoped, has succeeded in its intent by traveling around the world. To launch a new product, what better solution than to control Apple ? The new biscuit is called Oreo Thins – it is nothing more than an original Oreo ” “… thinner, and was unveiled just a few hours ago. To create hype around the “big presentation event”, the ‘company immediately decided to take advantage of the Apple style right from the teasers that anticipated its debut.

Do you find any similarities?

Yes, Oreo trolls the iPhone launch poster of October

notch .

OREO THINS Extra Stuf Cookies coming January 2020. 🤯 pic.twitter.com/kq8CUsE6C2

– OREO Cookie (@Oreo) November 17, 2021

Even the short video presentation keynote follows the same line: more than the launch of a cookie it really looks like the new generation of an Apple device. The terms used by the voiceover, the emphasis on the “style” of the product, the design

And, like any Apple product self-respecting biscuit, we will have to wait: in the United States it will only be available in January 2022 . What impact on the timing of the chip crisis?

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