Overseas companies to receive aid in France

The overseas companies most affected by the restrictions taken to stem the health crisis in November and December will be able to receive aid, the government announced on Sunday (January 2nd). The measures concern companies in “protected sectors”, registered on the S1 and S1 bis lists, such as restaurants, travel agencies, sports halls, announced in a joint press release the Ministers of the Economy, Overseas. sea, as well as the Minister Delegate in charge of Tourism and SMEs.

In territories where more than 20 days of confinement or curfew have been decided in November and December, the solidarity fund is extended for these two months. It will be able to compensate 40% of the loss of business turnover, if this loss is greater than 10%. It is also necessary that these companies have already benefited from the solidarity fund between January and May 2021.

Where more than eight days of confinement or curfew have been declared, a new “fixed costs” system is introduced covering November and December. Companies in protected sectors which have lost more than 50% of their turnover and which suffer an operating loss may have the latter compensated for 90%.

This compensation drops to 70% if the company has more than 50 employees, and cannot exceed 12 million euros “per group for the duration of the crisis”, according to the press release. He also indicates that the device could be “maintained and adapted in January if the situation requires”.

Finally, the partial activity will be supported for any company located in a territory where restrictive measures affecting economic activity and the movement of people have been taken, and which has lost 60% of its turnover. business over the period. The loss in turnover must be at least 65% for companies in the protected sectors.

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