Pragmatized, Capcom postpones sci-fi to 2023 and apologizes with a taste of the graphics

The reference was already filtered a little under the track at the beginning of the year, but now Capcom decides to declare it openly to rekindle the spotlight on the title and share new content. Pragmata , the sci-fi detail first seen in June of 2020 during the State of Play where Sony unveiled PS5, will not arrive in 2022 as initially expected, but in a generic 2023 .

Official confirmation comes via a tweet of the profile dedicated to the game, in which the development team takes stock of the state of the work, and specifies that they are continuing and that, however, to reach the predetermined level of quality (a particularly hot topic these days, see the controversy on GTA: The Trilogy) you need to move the launch to 2023. In the meantime, however, this is also an opportunity to share a new image and a short video teaser : those contents that instead of dispelling the mystery aim to increase it, renew it and give it volume.

At the center of both the clip and the artwork is a blonde girl who we had already seen in the very first trailer a year and a half ago, and who in all likelihood will be the protagonist. The video adds little to the nature of the game, but on the other hand it shows us what is the technical level currently reached by the production, at least in reference to the polygonal model of the main character. At the end, in fact, the writing “ Captured in RE Engine ” appears, the same graphics engine that Capcom used for Devil May Cry 5 and for Resident Evil Village (which, as we have recently known, is among the six candidates for the title of Game of The Year 2021).

If you want to get confused a bit more ideas on this game that since title (pragmata in ancient Greek means “things”: more generic than that, one dies) does not offer great interpretative keys, below you can find the dreamlike trailer of the 2020 with which it was revealed to the public.

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