PS5 and PS4 are updated: here are all the news

Sony has kicked off the distribution of new software updates dedicated to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 , including many new features. As for the new generation console, we limit ourselves to informing you of the availability of the update we talked about yesterday in depth, that is the one that enables the use of the M. 2 of the console (so you can choose which additional SSD to install), the 3D audio from the TV speakers , more clarity on the version of the game used and much more.

PS5: slot SSD M.2 da domani attivo per tutti! Arriva l'aggiornamento di settembre

Games 14 Set

Turning instead to PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro , we point out that the previous generation consoles have just received version 9. 00 of the operating system , which includes some of the news also spotted on PS5, especially as regards the management of trophies and messages. Among the new functions we find:

  • Possibility to view your PS5 Trophies from PS4
  • Possibility to see the trophies of others PS5 from PS4
  • Possibility in Messages to delete a Party if you own it
  • Ability to automatically leave a Group in which there is a person who has been locked
  • When a child tries to access the communication functions, a notification is sent to the parent’s PS4 or PlayStation App
  • Ability to access the PS4 remotely via Remote Play even using the data network

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