PUBG: New State is available on Android and iOS: is the battle royale ?? next gen ??

PUBG: New State has met the announced deadlines and the new battle royale developed by Krafton is officially available on Android and iOS through the Play Store, Galaxy Store and App Store.

With the launch of New State, Krafton aims to offer players have a completely renewed experience designed as native to the mobile world, unlike what has happened up to now with previous versions of PUBG. The difference with the predecessor is so radical – especially on the technical front – that it was chosen to release the game separately, so it is not a PUBG Mobile update that has been available for years.

The changes mainly concern the renewed graphics sector – defined as new generation , at least in the mobile environment – able to make the most of the latest smartphones and tablets. Together with the long-awaited graphic renewal, New State also significantly improves other fundamental aspects, such as the feedback of the weapons, the map park and the setting : we are in fact in 2051 and the game also integrates unpublished mechanics based right on the most futuristic setting.

If you want to try PUBG: New State you can do it by downloading the game for free from the stores where it is available; just below you will find all the links and the launch trailer.

  • PUBG: New State | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • PUBG: New State | Android | Galaxy Store, Free
  • PUBG: New State | iOS | Apple App Store, Free

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