Record for the quantum computer of IBM, Google and China ready to tear it up

The race to quantum supremacy has been underway for some time now, with the United States since one side and China on the other to beat and counter alleged records that – if true – would open the doors to a new era of computational computing. IBM does not want to be outdone, on the contrary, it raises and announces Eagle , the super processor a 127 qubit . Put simply, it would be able to do things than a “normal” computer it would take place if it were as big as the Earth.

The announcement, in reality, is not exactly official, but it has all the trappings to define it as such: in fact, the CEO spoke about it Arvind Krishna at “Axios on HBO”, anticipating some salient aspects. “ It’s more powerful than anything else “, says Intel’s number one, convinced that quantum computing can really spread within a few years. And that is why the race for quantum supremacy is not just a scientific business, in fact, having decidedly important economic implications. Let’s say that quantum supremacy can lead to economic-financial supremacy .


Who is heavily involved in quantum computing is Google , which recently even opened a campus in Santa Barbara (California) where technicians and researchers work to develop futuristic solutions to say the least. The long-term goal – how long it is not known to date – is to reach one million qubits . To date it would seem impossible, pure science fiction: just think that the Mountain View company until recently was the holder of quantum supremacy with a processor – the Sycamore – from just 53 qubit.

And to say that Sycamore is a jewel of research: it is was able, for example, to solve in just 200 seconds a calculation that Summit, the supercomputer gives 200 petaflops, would even have required 10. 000 years! It was from this case that the dispute between Google and IBM was born, with the latter accusing the former of having created a solution that cannot be technically defined as a “computer”, as it is capable of performing only one task. Eagle, according to IBM, is complete, and beats all the records achieved so far.


China, meanwhile, proclaims itself as a world quantum power , claiming to have developed a computer 10 billions of times more powerful than Sycamore by Google. This would be an incredible result, on which however there are doubts about the actual truthfulness. If that were the case, the Mountain View target with 1 million qubits would be already old . No proclamations, however, for Italy , which however shows great cognitive skills in this field: the work being carried out by the CNR of Milan is a proof of this, which could contribute to the much-desired acceleration of the performance of quantum computers of the future.

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