ROG Phone 5s Pro, the review: a matter of details

ROG Phone 5s Pro, the review: a matter of details

17 November 2021 3

The ROG Phone 5s (Pro) was born from the idea of ​​maintaining a record: the leading company in the gaming phone market cannot fail from offering the latest processor on the market, the highest touch sampling rate, the potentially higher performance. That said and given the obvious, that is, if you have a ROG Phone 5 there is very little here that can justify a possible upgrade, it does not necessarily mean that something that does not respond to a real need but to a question of image is not also a valid product.

To clarify the line up of ROG-branded smartphones, let’s start from the basics: the new ones ROG Phone 5s will be sold in denominations 10 / 512 GB and 16 / 512 GB respectively to 999 euro and 1. 099 euro , in the two colors Storm White and Phantom Black, while the ROG Phone 5s Pro is only available in the configuration 18 / 512 GB at 1. 299 euro and only in black . They are designed to replace the product line released last spring, so once the latter’s stocks have run out, the three mentioned above will be the only ones available in stores and online.

Compared to six months ago, the differences are mainly to be found in the presence of the Snapdragon 888 Plus instead of 888 , on the screen equipped with a touch sampling rate that reaches 360 Hz dai 300 previous Hz and, in the case of the 5S Pro, in a couple of extra touch buttons and in the back color screen . These last two features are taken from the 5 Ultimate, which also had a screen, in black and white in that case, and was sold in very few units, resulting for many unobtainable: fans of the ROG brand disappointed at the time of the release will be able to now make up.

For the rest, except for this handful of features and for the RAM and storage configurations, there are no really relevant differences so here we will just review the important points and refer to the original review for a more in-depth overview.

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  • Mobile platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus
  • Display:
    • AMOLED 6, 78 “, refresh rate 144 Hz, touch sampling rate 360 Hz, 1 ms response, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus
  • Fingerprint sensor: integrated in the display
  • Memory:
    • 18 GB of RAM LPDDR5
    • 512 GB internal UFS 3.1
  • Connectivity: 5G dual SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, NavIC
  • Battery: 6. 000 mAh with HyperCharge charging 65 W (60% top up in 18 minutes)
  • Cameras:
    • front: 24 MP, 27 mm eq.
    • rear:
      • 64 Sony IMX Main MP 686, 1/1, 73 “, 0.8 µm pixel, f / 1.8
      • 13 Ultra Wide MP, FOV 125 °, 11 mm eq., f / 2.4
      • 5 MP macro, f / 2.0
  • Operating System : Android 11
  • Dimensions and weight: 173 x 77 x 9, 90 mm for 238 g
  • Color: Phantom Black
  • Other: Dirac HD Sound audio technology, AirTrigger ultrasonic sensors, AeroActive Cooler 5, Cooler Buttons, ROG Vision


This year Qualcomm didn’t go too high and the improved version of its SoC is basically identical to the original one. The main difference is that the Cortex-X1 based core of the Kryo 680 rooms of 2, 78 GHz up to 3.0 GHz while the others remain practically unchanged , with three cores that go up to 2, 42 GHz and four that go up to 1.8 GHz. There are a handful of other changes that do not affect gaming performance, however, and bring no tangible benefits.

By running Geekbench 5 with X Mode activated, or by choosing the performance mode, the result on a single core of this ROG Phone 5s Pro was 1. 126 against the 888 of ROG 5 (16 / 512 GB) that we used as a term of comparison, always choosing the X Mode. In the multi core test the difference was, as expected, less marked : 3. 673 for the 5s Pro and 3 . 502 for the six month version or are.

With Antutu, which considers different aspects from the CPU to the GPU, passing through the memory, the results are always quite close : 837. 636 for the ROG 5s Pros cons 808. 713 of ROG 5, with comparable numbers for CPU and GPU and a slightly greater difference looking at the memory, a gap due to the 2GB of RAM more of this new model compared to q the previous one we had on trial.

Finally we used the Wild Life Extreme test 3D Mark Stress Test to check performance in 3D processing for an extended time – benchmark is repeated for 20 times – and stability over the entire playing time. In the case of the 5s Pro the best loop scored 1. 528 points and the worst 1. 472, with a stability of 96, 3% , while the ROG Phone 5 went from 1. 512 to 1. 336 with a stability of 88, 4%.

The benchmarks are however only partially indicative: in daily use, playing titles such as PUBG, Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty Mobile is almost impossible to notice appreciable differences between the two devices . Both are excellent solutions for those looking for a gaming phone with excellent performance, perhaps even a little oversized compared to the real needs dictated by the current panorama of mobile titles, for example in the case of memory.


On the control level, the ROG Phone 5s Pro offers the variety of options of the past and more. The touch sampling rate increased to 360 Hz is difficult to judge , of done you will have the usual excellent response to touch on the screen, while the addition of the two rear touch sensors, called Cooler Buttons, is the first prerogative of the Ultimate version.

As for everything else, the functions of the Cooler Buttons can be customized at will through the appropriate console and give further freedom to choose how to interact with the virtual controls of the games. In the case of titles equipped with articulated control systems, such as Pokémon Unite or PUBG New State, they are back useful even if they are certainly not essential: the idea behind a gaming phone is basically just this, to add something that for many is superfluous but which for hardcore gamers can give an extra margin of customization.

Also included in the box is the Aero Cooler 5 fan , sold separately in the case of the ROG Phone 5, which it has not undergone any improvement and remains a fun extra also in function of the two buttons, this time physical, which have been added and which give a further possibility of choice. Potentially it is now possible to interact with the game on duty using all the fingers: thumbs on the screen, indexes on the Air Triggers, then the middle and ring fingers which are divided according to the grip on the Aero Cooler 5 keys and on the touch ones.


Asus has also included in the Pro model the ROG Vision, rear PMOLED screen that mixes an additional customization element with a handful of slightly more practical functions . If on the one hand it can in fact show notifications in case of incoming calls or if an accessory is connected, on the other it has an integrated mini editor to show what you want.

You can upload an image, insert text or slide a small animation. Choose colors and fonts from a variety of options. Other people’s works can also be downloaded and imported, just search for them online and put them in the Download folder, so if you don’t have great imagination or artistic skills you can rely on the work done by the rest of the community.


Except as highlighted above, the ROG Phone 5s (Pro) has no differences from the starting model 2021. In the Pro version the rear screen adds some oomph to the product design – but for some it will simply make it a little more tamarro – while the other changes are more of a finish aimed at giving the best possible gaming experience .

Remain a performance phone excellent, with a very generous 6 battery. total mAh and a photographic sector so that, in the meantime, it has aged for another six months. The screen a 144 Hz allows you to have maximum fluidity in games that support higher frame rates while the audio always looks great, making this smartphone is also an excellent solution for watching movies and TV series .

If you have a ROG Phone 5, we reiterate, it doesn’t have much it makes sense to think about upgrading because the improvements are minimal. If, on the other hand, you have waited or have not been able to buy the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, the Pro version represents an excellent alternative, among other things equipped with a color rear screen instead of black and white. In short, remains the best option on the market for those looking for a gaming phone.

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