Rosenbauer develops a special fire extinguisher for electric car batteries

Battery fires that can break out from electric cars, possibly following an accident , they are difficult to turn off easily and quickly. A much discussed problem and on which companies are working to find tools that can facilitate the work of rescuers and firefighters. From the Austrian Rosenbauer comes an interesting solution, a kind of fire extinguisher for electric car batteries which is defined as “ efficient and safe “.

Efficient because this solution should allow direct cooling of the modules and battery cells and thus stop the spread of flames. Safe as the firefighter needs to stay next to the car only long enough to place the device. The management, then, can take place remotely (about 8 meters).


L Austrian company explains that this device works if is placed between the road and the car . So, trivially under the car as you can see from the photos. A position only possible if the vehicle, after the accident, still rests on its 4 wheels. If not, it can be placed inside, perhaps in the trunk.

The extinguishing unit is then connected to a control unit by means of a series of tubes. As mentioned at the beginning, firefighters can stay at a safe distance of about 8 meters to manage everything. Once the system is switched on, the device under the car releases an “extinguishing tip” which, with a pressure of several tons, penetrates the battery pack. At that point, high pressure water comes out of the tip and floods the accumulator going to cool the cells and, therefore, to stop the spread of flames.

The important thing is that the fire tank to which the device will be connected has enough water . To lower the temperature of the battery and thus stop the fire, a continuous pumping of water is required. Rosenbauer claims to have successfully tested this solution on battery packs made up of different types of cells (pouch, prismatic and cylindrical).

The solution has also been tested by several fire brigade teams, including those operating within the Porsche plant in Leipzig, who have confirmed its validity. This device can already be ordered and the first deliveries will start early next year.

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