RS1x and RS2x Grade: Reference Series Headphones with Wooden Pavilions

Grado Labs renews its headphones offer, after the models announced last May, announced the Reference Series RS1x headphones and RS2x . Both are open circumaural and mark the debut of the X Driver transducers on headphones with wooden pavilions. The combination required special processing to adapt the characteristics of the X Drivers to the specific wooden housing for each of the headphones.

The RS1x are made with a maple joint, a internal part in hemp and an external ring in cocobolo. The RS2x instead use maple for the joint and the outer ring while the inner part is always in hemp.

The highest-end model, the RS1x, is equipped with X Dynamic Drivers from 50 millimeters with components re-engineered: we speak specifically of a more powerful magnetic circuit, a moving coil with reduced effective mass and a reconfigured diaphragm. All of the changes resulted in increased efficiency, reduced distortion and the ability to preserve sound purity.

The RS1x sports a black leather headband with white stitching and a new more resistant cable and with better insulation. The data sheet reports a frequency response between Hz and 30 kHz, a maximum sound pressure of 99, 8 dB (@ 1 mW) and a nominal impedance of 38 Ohm.

The RS2x are instead equipped with X dynamic drivers from 44 millimeters . The changes made are the same as those we mentioned for the RS1x, to which is then added a tuning of the components specific to the types of wood used in the pavilions. The headband and the cable are also built according to the same methods used for the RS1x. As regards the technical characteristics, the RS2x have an impedance and a sound pressure identical to the RS1x; instead the frequency response changes, which here ranges from 14 Hz a 12 kHz.

List prices stand at 799, 96 dollars for RS1x ea 599, 95 dollars for the RS2x.

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