Samsung DeX on Mac is winding down: support ends next year

Samsung DeX is one of the most advanced functions of the software developed by the Korean giant, able to make the smartphone a device capable of expanding its potential in a desktop environment specifically designed for a more extensive use. In short, if it is already possible to think of doing everything with the smartphone, the merit is also of solutions such as Samsung DeX.

Over time, however this feature has become more and more intuitive and easy to use: to connect the phone to the computer before, a special dock was required, while now the USB-C cable is enough or not even that by taking advantage of the wireless connection to compatible monitors.

In short, Samsung Dex is constantly evolving, but the last piece of this mosaic will be a step backwards for the first time, a contraction compared to the current state of what’s this. Without too much fanfare, in fact, Samsung has included on the dedicated page of its site a note informing how, starting from January 2022, DeX support for Windows 7 and Mac will be discontinued .

This does not mean that those who use DeX on Mac cannot continue to do so starting from next year: the application will in fact continue to work , but will no longer be updated . And therefore it will have to do without all the features that will be introduced only in the future, and will gradually lose compatibility both with the devices that support it today, and that by virtue of new updates may not do it anymore, both with the smartphones that will be released in future directly with renewed versions of DeX.

At present it is difficult to quantify how and when this scenario occurs, but the termination of support outlines this horizon from today. Samsung, however, has not disclosed the reasons behind this choice: it is likely to hypothesize that the audience of DeX users on Mac (as well as on Windows 7) is so small as to make the relationship between costs and benefits unfavorable.

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