Samsung Galaxy S22: The battery will be smaller than the S21 due to rumors

At launch, which should fall in the usual February window, a little is still missing, but rumors about Samsung’s next flagships, or the family Galaxy S 22 , they begin to mass. After those on the camera, which we told you about today, now it’s the turn of a rumor concerning the battery , and in particular that of the basic model.

First of all, however, it should be emphasized that at the moment there is nothing confirmed, and that therefore it is necessary to take this information with the pliers. Having made this necessary clarification, let’s move on to the rumor: according to the sources to which he had access Galaxyclub , in fact, Galaxy S 22 should arrive with a smaller battery than the Galaxy S predecessor was equipped with 21 . Specifically, we would be talking about a downgrade equal to 7.5% , passing from a nominal capacity of 3. 880 mAh (S 21) to 3. 590 mAh (S 22)).

Regarding Galaxy S 22 + and Galaxy S 22 Ultra, on the other hand, we should not see any variation with respect to S 21 + and S 21 Ultra, as already emerged at the beginning of the month, with the capacity that would therefore be kept respectively of 4. 500 mAh and 5. 000 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus e S22 Ultra, svelate le batterie

Android 01 Set


In any case, this is a piece of news that is not necessary to force to read with a lens that is too negative: it must in fact be interpreted . If this data were confirmed, then it would be plausible to assume that the entire Galaxy S range 22, including the base model, will arrive with i new Eco2 OLED screens introduced starting from the cutting edge of the catalog, that is the very ecological folding Galaxy Z Fold 3, which of course we have reviewed in depth.

This new generation of panels, in fact, allows a energy saving of 25% compared to the previous one, increasing at the same time by 33% transmittance. Starting from this hypothesis, therefore, we can imagine that the result is an autonomy of Galaxy S 22 comparable to that of Galaxy S 21, if not higher , such as it is possible that it is about older brothers. In all this, of course, an important role will also be played by the hardware platforms, and in particular the energy optimization that the Exynos SoC will be capable of 220 with AMD GPU.

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