Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 may still have an optional external S Pen

Samsung is certainly the company that has most believed in “foldables” and this is demonstrated by the enormous detachment it has now imposed on all its competitors. A market, that of folding smartphones which is however destined to grow in the coming years with shipments that will increase rapidly up to 50 millions expected as of 2026.

Over the next year the competition should get a little more interesting with Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and probably Google, ready to take the field with their proposals. Samsung, for its part, will find itself in a more favorable situation, mainly having to improve what has been done, however, as history teaches, who comes later has the advantage of being able to exploit the progress already made so far by technology, that of flexible panels in this case.

The Galaxy The Z Flip3 has notably improved the “closed” experience over its predecessor. For the Galaxy Z Fold3, however, the generational improvements were certainly more marked. First and foremost, Galaxy Z Fold3 was the first folding smartphone in the world to also support an S Pen . Initially, it was even thought that he may have become the spiritual heir to the Galaxy Note range.

This legacy, however, will be collected by the next Galaxy S 22 Ultra which, in fact, will be a full-fledged Galaxy Note, complete with “stock” stylus slot. The same thing, however, but that will not happen for Galaxy Z Fold4.

According to rumors, in fact, to date there would be no Galaxy Z Fold4 prototype with an integrated slot for the S Pen which should still remain optional . Of course, this could still change as the final design is not expected to be confirmed at least until early March next year.

currently point to a Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a second generation of the UPC (Under Panel Camera) internal selfie cam hidden under the screen, with improved technology to camouflage it more,

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(update of 22 November 2021, hours 08: 32)

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