Silence S04, the electric microcar arrives in Italy. All the news from EICMA

To EICMA 2021 , Silence presents important innovations in its range for the Italian two- and four-wheeler market. Specifically, the new microcar S will be shown in national preview and the new electric scooter S 01 Plus . Let’s go into the details.


We had got to talk about it in the past. La Silence S 04 is an electric microcar that aims to facilitate urban mobility. It aims to be an alternative to the well-known Citroen Ami. Her measurements are 228 cm length x 129 cm width x 159 cm height. This quadricycle will be offered in Italy in two versions.

The first (L7e) can count on one power of 14 kW (22 peak kW) with a speed up to 90 km / h (electronically limited). This model is equipped with two batteries with a total capacity of 02, 2 kWh which allow an autonomy of 149 km according to the WMTC cycle. The batteries are located under the seats. The quadricycle can also work with a single accumulator at a speed of 18 km / h.

Then there is the L6e version with a 6 kW motor , single 5.6 kWh battery and maximum speed of 45 km / h. Like the other vehicles in the Silence range, the S 01 has removable trolley-style and rechargeable batteries with Schuko plug. The L6e version can be guided by 14 years with the AM driving license or from 16 years with the driving license B1. For the L7e model you need the 18 years and driving license B.

Silence S 04 offers two seats with a trunk of 310 liters of capacity. The quadricycle is always connected and through a dedicated app it will be possible to use the smartphone as an electronic key and activate other functions including air conditioning, door lock and alarm activation. As standard we find multifunction steering wheel, electric windows, central locking, Audio System & Bluetooth, digital display, vertical-horizontal smartphone holder, heating and full LED headlights. It will also be possible to have air conditioning and ABS.

The new Silence S 04 Sara distributed in Italy by Exelentia Srl and can be ordered from the end of the first quarter of 2022 . Since the vehicle is awaiting homologation in our country, the price has not yet been defined. However, in Spain the quadricycle starts from 7. 440 euro without battery, thanks to a pilot project that includes Battery Station and swap of rental batteries.


This is an electric scooter that arises at the top of the manufacturer’s range in terms of performance.

Thanks to the new chassis and applied technology, the S 01 Plus combines electric sprint, premium details and motorcycle performance.

The manufacturer speaks of a electric motor from 11 , 5 kW , one 0 – 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds and one electronically limited maximum speed of 110 km / h. To power the whole, a removable 5.6 kWh battery can offer autonomy up to 133 km according to the WMTC cycle. The electric scooter has three driving modes: Eco, City and Sport. This two-wheeler can already be driven by 16 years with A1 license.

This electric scooter can count on adjustable front forks , disc brake and dedicated app. The scooter will be distributed in Italy by Exelentia. This vehicle will be available from mid-December at a price of 7. 970 euro. By applying the Ecobonus with scrapping, the cost drops to 5. 357 euro.


The Silence S model 01 Yes proposes again in an updated and optimized version. The engine can count on a maximum power of 9 kW. The removable battery has a capacity of 5.6 kWh for a range of 133 km (WMTC). The maximum speed reaches i 100 km / h. To go from 0 to 50 km / h takes 3.9 seconds. The electric scooter has the driving modes Eco, City and Sport.

The price in Italy is 6. 760 euro but thanks to the Ecobonus with scrapping can go down to 4. 544 EUR. Exelentia anticipates that the Silence range will soon expand with the arrival of the Silence S version) Basic which will have a less powerful motor and a smaller battery. The price will be 5. 621 euro which will drop to 3. 778 euro thanks to the Ecobonus with scrapping.


The Silence range also includes the model S 02 High Speed ​​, an electric scooter designed for both private use and delivery services. The 7 kW motor allows to reach a speed of 50 km / h and thanks to the 5.6 kWh battery you can have an autonomy of 133 km according to the WMTC cycle.

The list price for Italy is 5. 450 euro but with the application of Ecobonus and scrapping, Silence S 02 High Speed ​​drops to 3. 663 EUR. Finally, in the range we also find the model Silence S 02 Low Speed ​​ which can already be guided by the 14 years with AM driving license. It has a 1.5 kW motor that allows you to reach the 45 km / h. Available with 5.6 kWh battery and 149 km of autonomy, or with 2 kWh battery and 52 km of autonomy.

Starting from 3. 735 euro but with Ecobonus and scrapping the price drops to 2. 510 EUR.

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